‘Married at First Sight’ Sneak Peek: Myrla Has a Surprise for Gil (VIDEO)

    The honeymoon is almost over for the couples of Married at First Sight Season 13, but there are plenty of surprises still in store.

    In an exclusive sneak peek clip from the upcoming episode, “Out of the Comfort Zone and Into the Sea,” Myrla is making an effort to show appreciation for her new husband, Gil. Speaking directly to viewers in a self-taped moment, Myrla previews a special surprise.

    Married at First Sight Season 13 Gil

    (Credit: Lifetime)

    “So it is the last night of our honeymoon and I’ve decided to do something nice for my husband,” Myrla announces to the camera. What she’s done is a callback to prior conversations the pair have had since arriving in the Florida Keys for their honeymoon.

    “As you’ll see that he loves chocolate chip cookies,” Myrla continues, gesturing towards a plate of the treats. “So I hope he will appreciate two to three dozen cookies because he is very patient with me.” Following her set-up of the treats in the room, Myrla awaits Gil’s entrance.

    The even-tempered firefighter arrives with the most enthusiasm he’s had throughout the process, greeting Myrla by calling her “darling” before opting for “princess.” His resounding “ohh,” is a good sign in reaction to Myrla’s surprise, but see how it plays out in the clip, above, for yourself.

    This is just one of many moments to look forward to in Married at First Sight‘s latest episode so don’t miss out on the installment by tuning into Lifetime Wednesdays.

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