‘The Other Two’: Case Walker on Chase’s Big Decision & Frustrations About His Singing Career

    [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Other Two Season 2, Episodes 1 “Chase Goes to College” and 2 “Pat Connects With Her Fans.”]

    The hilarious comedy about a pop star teen (Case Walker’s ChaseDreams), his now-famous mom (Molly Shannon’s Pat, who has her own talk show), and his two siblings who are “the Other Two,” who have yet to find success (Drew Tarver’s Cary and Heléne Yorke’s Brooke), is finally back with its second season (moving over to HBO Max from Comedy Central). And while some things have changed, others remain the same.

    Take, for example, Chase in the first two episodes. He retires (at the age of 14!) to go to college, only to decide (after his classmates, professor, and roommate video him) to drop out by the end of the premiere. “I miss being a singer. College was lit but I decided singing was more lit,” he explains to his siblings. The only problem? Episode 2 teases a countdown to him dropping something at midnight, only for it to be a 14-second video revealing he now has blond hair. He’s not singing.

    TV Insider spoke with Walker about Chase’s decision about his future, singing, relationship with his siblings, and more.

    Chase drops out of college after one day. Through the videos he and others posted, we saw the fun of the experience but also the downsides, too. So was it a hard decision? What would you say factored into it for Chase?

    Case Walker: College gave Chase a chance to get away from the distractions, and so it cleared things up for him. He was excited about college, but when he got there, the professors were filming him, it wasn’t what he thought it was, and it made him realize how much he loves his family and how much he loves singing.

    Is college going to come up again this season or is this the last we’ll hear of it?

    Chase might want to go back to college.

    Drew Tarver as Cary, Case Walker as ChaseDreams, Heléne Yorke as Brooke in The Other Two

    Greg Endries/HBO Max

    I really enjoy the moments where we get with the siblings together, and there’s that great one at the end of the premiere when they’re sitting outside the restaurant. It seems like around them is the only time we really get to just see Chase instead of ChaseDreams, right?

    Yes. Chase’s relationships with his big brother and sister are such a special part of the show, and I think out of everyone in the family, he connects with [them] the most. We see those relationships hit some lows and highs this season but overall, Chase’s heart stays the same. He loves his brother and sister, and it’s the most important part of what he does, whether he knows it or not, in his heart — that’s what he’s focused on — so when that’s off or messed up, he can get frustrated. When they’re together [without] all the fame, the flashing lights, he really can just talk and be honest with them.

    It’s different with his mom. He doesn’t want to let her down.

    Yeah, he doesn’t want to let his mom down either. We get to see a little more of that this season between Chase and his mom but he also does love his mom. He’s pretty close to and loves a lot his whole family in general.

    Molly Shannon as Pat, Case Walker as ChaseDreams in The Other Two

    Karolina Wajtasik/HBO

    Is there a bit of pressure off of him, fame-wise, with Pat now famous as well?

    I think so. The pressure’s gone. Chase is definitely happy he’s not being dragged on as much and his mom now understands. There are definitely some other things he gets to be frustrated about when it comes to him wanting to sing.

    Speaking of, in Episode 2, everyone’s expecting some sort of music video to drop, only for it to be a 14-second video of him debuting his blond hair. But he did say he dropped out of college because he missed being a singer. How is Chase feeling about the state of his singing career?

    That will become a lot more evident throughout the season. He keeps waiting for the singing to happen again and it’s not happening, at least in these first few episodes. We see he goes blond, and it’s about his mom’s show. He’s glad his mom has the show. He’s fine with going blond. He doesn’t really care for it but he doesn’t hate it either. The singing is still his focus, so he’s waiting for that moment he’s going to get to sing again.

    Gideon Glick, Ken Marino, Molly Shannon, Drew Tarver in The Other Two

    Zach Dilgard/HBO

    However, as multiple people note, Chase can’t sing.

    It’ll be interesting to see how he navigates that — if he wants to take singing lessons. We may see in this season if Chase realizes he’s a bad singer or just loves it and pushes through that, and that’s the exciting dynamic of his character. What does Chase really want to do and what does he know about himself, his career?

    No one’s saying it to him.

    Exactly. No one’s said it to his face yet.

    He needs someone to be honest with him.

    Yeah! It’s kind of like the waiting game. It’s torture to him for them to wait to say something like that or just tell him the truth than to drag him through the blond hair or something like that. It would be a lot better if they could just say it to him.

    Case Walker as ChaseDreams in The Other Two

    Jon Pack

    And Brooke’s his manager. How’s that going to affect the siblings’ relationship?

    Just like more work relationships with family, there’s a whole different dynamic that takes place within that relationship and we get to see some new sides of Chase and Brooke.

    Who’s the better manager — Brooke or Streeter (Ken Marino)?

    I don’t think Chase really cares. I don’t think he knows. Whoever gets him to sing again is going to be the best manager.

    What does Chase think of Streeter? He did discover him.

    We see some moments in the first two episodes of this season where Chase really is happy that Streeter cares about him. We all know Streeter has a heart inside of him through all the craziness he does. I think Chase cares about him and likes him, but I don’t think Chase is worried about him because he’s not that immediate family, so I think Chase just is happy Streeter’s there. He just wants someone to care, whether that’s Streeter or Brooke, about his career and his singing, and it seems like everyone’s distracted by their own thing.

    Streeter’s maybe going to be part of the family with whatever’s going on with Pat.

    Exactly. I don’t know how Chase feels about that. Maybe we’ll see his thoughts about that, maybe not, but I don’t think he thinks about that.

    What else is coming up this season? What about Chase just being a teenager?

    Chase goes through what all teenagers go through, just on an extreme level. We’re going to follow that path this season. We’ll get to see if he keeps that genuine heart. That’s the question: Is he still genuine inside? It’ll be interesting to see as he gets older if that stays. He continues to have that heart for people. We get to see some very new sides of his character and different attitudes from him. We get to see who he is because we’re just hearing everyone talk about him, we’re not hearing Chase really talk or make a statement for himself, and we’ll get to see a lot of that later this season.

    The Other Two, Thursdays, HBO Max

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