Fear the Cheer! A Rundown of Lifetime’s Lineup of Killer Cheerleader Movies (VIDEO)

    Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Lifetime, for hosting “Fear the Cheer,” its third annual film fest devoted to the dark side of cheerleading.

    Below, we score this weekend’s premieres in pom-poms.

    Killer Cheer Mom

    Denise Richards stars as a woman who will do anything to get her new stepdaughter (Courtney Fulk) on the squad. Prepare for a lot of eavesdropping and just a little bit of automotive tampering. Thomas Calabro costars.

    Killer Cheer Mom, Movie Premiere, Saturday, August 28, 8/7c

    Killer Cheer Mom Lifetime Denise RIchards

    (Credit: Lifetime)

    Pom Poms and Payback

    A cheerleading coach (MVP Emily Killian) with a secret vendetta sabotages the love lives of three friends (above, from left, Jazlyn Nicolette Sward, Shaylaren Hilton and Le’Priesh Roman). The outrageous ending is pitch-perfect.

    Pom Poms and Payback, Movie Premiere, Saturday, August 28, 10/9c

    The Wrong Cheer Captain

    A cheerleader (Alexis Samone) suspects the stone-cold new girl (Sofia Masson) murdered her bestie to become captain. Bonus pom for the eye-candy calculus teacher (Marc Herrmann).

    The Wrong Cheer Captain, Movie Premiere, Sunday, August 29, 8/7c

    Cheer for Your Life

    Queen bee cheerleaders uphold a tradition of humiliating hopefuls during initiation week. The hazing turns so abusive (and deadly), you’ll just be angry no one tells them to buzz off sooner.

    Check out an exclusive sneak peek at Grace Patterson and Allisoc McAtee in Cheer for Your Life below!

    Cheer for Your Life, Movie Premiere, Sunday, August 28, 10/9c

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