Someone Stole Tom Cruise’s BMW During Mission: Impossible 7 Shoot

    Just days after news that a train was crashed in a planned stunt on the set of Mission: Impossible 7, another vehicle involved with a star of the film has rolled off set as well. This time Tom Cruise’s BMW-X7 has been stolen. Fortunately, there was no high speed chase and no one was hurt.

    Shortly after the incident occurred, Cruise’s BMW-X7 was found. The vehicle was stolen off of Church Street. Authorities recovered the vehicle, abandoned, near Smethwick. Right now a lot isn’t known about the incident.

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    What we do know is that the vehicle was taken from outside the Grand Hotel. The BMW reportedly had thousands of pounds (currency and not weight) worth of goods inside it. Authorities are examining CCTV footage in the area to see if they can see the who’s, how’s, and what’s of the incident.

    The local shopping center was closed for a few days for filming to resume. Birmingham has been abuzz since the film icon arrived for production of the movie and tons of people have flocked to get a glimpses of Tom Cruise as well as co-star Hayley Atwell. While in town for filming, Cruise stopped in at the Indian restaurant Asha’s and took photos with officers from the British Transport Police. Officers shared a photo of them posing with Cruise announcing the photo was not photo shopped. Not to be outdone, The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Muhammad Afzal, swung by to get his photo taken with Cruise and Atwell.

    Crashing trains and cars being stolen are not the only oddities happening during filming on Mission: Impossible 7. Cruise also landed his helicopter in a local family’s garden. There appears to be no shortage of shenninangans going on near Birmingham and around the set itself while filming is taking place.

    Tom Cruise is not alone in having his vehicle taken. Earlier this year, Ludacris, Christopher Bridges, had his Mercedes Benz S63 stolen while he was attempting to get cash from an ATM in Atlanta. Much like for Cruise, the rapper’s story does end happily. Police were able to track down the luxury car, as well as other items that were inside it at the time the crime was committed. In a similar fashion, singer, rapper, and producer Akon, Aliaune Damala, had his car stolen at a Buckheads service station in Atlanta. The Range Rover was located using a tracking app on Akon’s phone. The car was recovered along with items such as Luis Vuitton bag, as well as a diamond necklace valued at around $25,000.

    Mission: Impossible 7 has about 9 months until the film is scheduled for release, so a lot of other things could happen between now and then. When filming an action movie, it’s probably best to keep the action relegated to the screen and set. We can only hope cars stop disappearing and movie stars keep their helicopters out of innocent family gardens. Mission: Impossible hits theaters May 27th, 2022.

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