Jason Momoa Teases His Buddy Cop Movie with Dave Bautista

    In true “what a difference a week makes” style, in the days since Dave Bautista floated his idea to team up with Jason Momoa in a

    “{Lethal Weapon style buddy cop movie”} we have seen Momoa confirm that the pair have spoken about the project, and indeed have already pressed forward in making it a real thing. While Momoa original announced the collaboration’s progression from something Bautista had “thrown out into the atmosphere” to a genuine movie prospect, he recently was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly and provided a bit more detail on how the whole thing came about and how now his phone won’t stop ringing about it.

    “It’s amazing – you try to work your whole career to get an opportunity like this, and he just tweets something [to make it happen],” Jason Momoa said. “And then I got asked about it on Corden, and now our phones won’t stop ringing. So, it’s safe to say that one is happening. He did text me first, which is how respectful he is. I was like, ‘Hell yes. Tell me where to sign, I’m in.’ And then it turns out he just tweeted it right after getting my approval. And then it went viral. You’re like, ‘All right, well, it’s that easy. Let’s do it, buddy.'”

    “I’m hoping when I’m Bautista’s age I can still do what he does,” Momoa said of the 52 year old Guardians of The Galaxy star. “He’s one of those big guys that can move and fight really well. I have a lot of respect for him and Dwayne [Johnson] because doing that kind of wrestling is a lot of tear on your body for a long time. I know I feel it, and I’m 42. And those guys are still badasses.”

    Bautista and Momoa have appeared together in the Apple TV+ show See, and also share screen time in the upcoming remake of Dune, so it is clear that with the addition of their new project the pair have quite a good working relationship. For this reason, the idea of the two of them buddying up in a similar style to the likes of Lethal Weapon, Tango & Cash and all those other 80s movies that put two seemingly opposing characters together is one that has instantly grabbed the attention of both their fans and movie fans in general.

    When we will actually see this movie is unclear, as Momoa is currently filming Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, while Dave Bautista will soon be returning to shooting with James Gunn for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3 and the Holiday Special featuring the Marvel mob. We should also remember that there is no script yet, so we shouldn’t really expect to see their team up until sometime in 2024 providing everything goes smoothly between now and then.

    In the meantime, both actors can be seen in the new version of Dune, which also features a number of other Marvel stars including Zendaya, Josh Brolin, and Moon Knight‘s Oscar Isaac. The movie is released in cinemas and on HBO Max October 22.

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