Pauly Shore Pitches Marvel-Style Weaselverse Movie Uniting His ’90s Characters

    Could Pauly Shore be heading into the Weaselverse? Shore, one of the most recognizable figures in pop culture during the 1990s, is best known for his alter Ego called “The Weasel.” Developed on stage as a part of his comedy routine, Shore later introduced the character on television and starred in a series of theatrical movies. Each time, he played characters very similar to The Weasel, a personality that his fans now have a fond nostalgia for.

    In more recent years, Shore gets inundated with requests from fans for him to develop sequels to his various movies. From Encino Man and Son in Law to Bio-Dome and In the Army Now, fans have spent a long time essentially begging him to bring back The Weasel in a sequel to at least one of these movies. He recently asked his fans to take those requests to the studios as he personally has no control over any of his movies, and in a new YouTube video, Shore thanks them for doing just that.

    “I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all the outgoing messages basically saying that you’re going to reach out to Disney+ and Amazon and MGM regarding the sequels to my films. So, because of the world of social media now, you guys, you people at home, actually have more power than I do regarding getting my sequels made.”

    The Weasel himself makes it clear that he’s more than happy to do sequels to any or all of these movies if only it were up to him. He also names some of his co-stars from different movies, suggesting he knows they’d all be up for returning alongside him if necessary. Shore then pitches an interesting concept that would bring all of these movies together into one story, similar to how superhero movies are now mixing universes with multiverse storylines.

    “So, once again, if you guys are interested in myself, Brendan Fraser, Andy Dick, Stephen Baldwin… You know, maybe we could do a f**kin’ Marvel. You know how Marvel does all the mashups of all the different – they do Spider-Man, and Aquaman, and f**kin’ Liquid Paper Man, and whatever the f**k mans, they put ’em up. So maybe we can do an Encino Man, Bio-Dome, Son in Law, In the Army Now movie. And Marvel and do it. How about them apples?”

    What would one Weasel say to another? We could find out this and more in such an epic crossover that would give us at least four Pauly Shores for the right of one. Given how different studios hold the rights to the movies, it doesn’t seem like a project that could realistically go into development anytime soon. However, getting a sequel to at least one of them seems like a good start, but fans could endlessly debate over which one of the features deserves a sequel the most.

    Perhaps fans should set their sights on Encino Man 2. Brendan Fraser is more popular than ever these days, and Shore has already teased that he’d be up for returning alongside Pauly and Sean Astin. Should something like that do well on Disney+, maybe the sequels to the other Weasel movies could be next to follow. This news comes to us from Pauly Shore on YouTube.

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