Carole Baskin Sells Tiger King Property with Explicit Rules About Its Future Use

    The Oaklahoman zoo that many Netflix viewers know as the location for Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness has now ceased to be. Once owned by Joseph Maldonado-Passage, the man who would find fame and notoriety in equal measure under the guise of Joe Exotic – the property has been sold to new owners, but on the understanding that it can no longer house a zoo of any kind. The roadside location, including the property and the land surrounding it, became owned by Exotic’s nemesis, Carole Baskin, shortly after the Tiger King series premiered on Netflix.

    The property will now essentially lose all connection to the eccentric Exotic and the various TV shows that have chronicled his outrageous lifestyle. A federal judge granted ownership of the land and business based on it to Carole Baskin, which was as settlement in a court case she won against the Tiger King star in 2016. In that case, Exotic had filed against Baskin and her husband Howard, which led to Baskin winning a $1 million judgement that Exotic couldn’t manage to pay. In true style to his usual performance, rather than risk losing his famed zoo, Exotic immediately transferred all ownership to his mother.

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    “Schreibvogel later admitted under oath that the zoo land was transferred to her by Joe Maldonado to remove it from the reach of creditors, including BCR, should BCR win its Florida lawsuit,” the complaint stated. “Schreibvogel also admitted in 2015, via a confession of judgment she entered into to resolve a lawsuit filed against he by the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee overseeing Joe Maldonado’s personal bankruptcy estate, that the zoo land was fraudulently transferred to her by Joe Maldonado in 2011 to avoid his creditors.”

    When all was said and done, there was never any chance that Exotic was going to get away with his attempts not to pay up, and so after a number of legal wranglings in between, the property was legally passed over to the Baskins, who, according to a TMZ report, have now sold it for a bargain price of $140,000. In a copy of the property deeds acquired by the tabloid, the sale “expressly bars” the new owners of the property, Francisco and Nelly Vazquez, from “housing exotic animals of any kind” for the next century, and further clarifies that the land cannot be used to build a wildlife park or zoo of any description.

    It seems that the rules of the sale don’t stop there, as the owners are also prohibited from making any kind of profit from the Tiger King series, Joe Exotic himself or any business, new or existing, that involves the likeness of big cats. What this comes down to, is Carole Baskin getting the ultimate win over Exotic by not only taking away his beloved zoo, but effectively wiping it and its legacy from pretty much having existed at all as far as that property is concerned. This means that there are no longer any parties who were involved in the Netflix series with any affiliation to the former home of Joe Exotic.

    For those who have somehow managed to miss out on how much of this came about, then Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is still streaming now on Netflix. This news originated at

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