Lucy Lawless Calls ‘My Life Is Murder’ Season 2 ‘a Joyful Little Romp’ (VIDEO)

    The lighthearted whodunit, My Life Is Murder, returns for a second season with homicide cop turned police consultant Alexa Crowe (Lucy Lawless, above) trading Australia for Auckland, New Zealand.

    Back in her hometown to help her ne’er-do-well brother Will (Martin Henderson, Grey’s Anatomy) out of a precarious situation, Crowe is soon assisting local law enforcement, including handsome cop Harry (Rawiri Jobe), “kick ass and solve murders,” says Lawless.

    Among the cases she tackles: a man shot in broad daylight, a drowned surfing superstar, murdered drag queens and a kidnap victim found dead under a waterfall. Despite the high body count, Lawless promises that the show never grows too dark. “We aspire to the same tone as Columbo,” she says. “We’re a joyful little romp, telling stories about justice, friendship and family. We want to take you on holiday!”

    Coming along for the ride are some familiar faces from Season 1, as well as welcome new additions. Crowe’s former assistant, expert hacker Madison (Ebony Vagulans), also relocates across the Tasman Sea and moves in with her onetime boss to help bust bad guys. And Lawless’ former Xena: Warrior Princess costar Renee O’Connor guest stars as a sketchy wellness guru’s wife.

    The biggest casting coup? William Shatner, a longtime Lawless friend, beaming in for what the actress calls “a very funny cameo.” No doubt he’ll slay his part on Murder.

    My Life Is Murder, Season 2 Premiere, Monday, August 30, Acorn TV

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