Jake Paul Retains Undefeated Streak Over Former UFC Champ Tyron Woodley

    Jake Paul is still undefeated after Sunday night’s bout against Tyron Woodley, but things may not be over between the two fighters just yet. Jake Paul, a 24-year-old social media influencer and YouTube personality who’s since launched another career as a pro fighter, went into this fight with a record of 3-0. The bout also marked the first pro boxing fight for Woodley, 39, though the former UFC champion is 19-7-1 when it comes to MMA.

    The boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley was eight rounds, and while both fighters were hoping to score that knockout win, the fight ended up going the distance. Paul was much more active in the match, throwing and landing more punches than his opponent. Even so, Woodley rang Paul’s bell at one point during the fourth round that sent the YouTuber careening into the ropes. Some viewers thought the end was nigh for Paul at that point, but the fight pressed on.

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    Ultimately, there would be no knockout with the match going all eight rounds. Paul was named the winner by split decision, the first for the pro boxer after winning his three prior fights by knockout. One judge scored the fight 77-75 for Woodley, but the other two gave it to Paul with scores of 77-75 and 78-74. In the post-fight interview, Paul criticized the lone judge’s opinion that Woodley had won the fight, feeling confident that he was the winner by far. You can check out the footage below.

    [embedded content]

    “One hundred percent,” Paul said when asked if he was surprised by the judge’s decision. “Let’s be honest, that’s bulls**t. Like, come on. Especially in my hometown? Where’s that judge at? Come on. He hit me with one shot the whole fight, you know? It was a good shot. He hit me with more shots, but I’m saying like a real shot, one shot. I don’t know what they were looking at, but it’s all good. Still got the victory.”

    While Woodley described Paul as a great opponent, he wholeheartedly disagrees with the outcome of the fight. In fact, he wasted no time in issuing a challenge for a rematch to Paul. Initially, Paul refused, but seemed to accept the offer so long as Woodley followed through with getting “I Love Jake Paul” tattooed on his leg. Before the fight, the two had agreed to have the loser of the fight get a tattoo of the winner’s choice. Paul says he will accept the rematch only if Woodley gets the ink done.

    “I feel like I won the fight,” Woodley said in the ring. “The fact that one judge gave me two rounds is laughable. No disrespect, but f**k the [potential Paul vs. Fury fight], me and Jake need to run that back. Off the top, I want an instant rematch. Nobody’s going to sell a pay-per-view like we did. Of course I want a rematch. I feel like I won the fight.”

    “Of course he wants a payday. You had your opportunity,” Jake responded, though he then accepts the offer on one condition. “If you get the tattoo, ‘I Love Jake Paul,’ let’s run it back.”

    The two fighters then shook on it, which seems to suggest that the rematch is on. It’s not clear if Woodley has yet had the “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo inked onto his leg or if he’ll ultimately decide that the rematch isn’t worth that particular branding. In any case, Paul says he’s just getting started in the sport of boxing, so we’ll see him back in the ring soon enough. The footage of the post-fight interview comes to us from Showtime Sports.

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