Legendary’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reboot Is Going Straight to Netflix

    Leatherface will next be revving up his chainsaw exclusively on Netflix, as the streaming giant has just secured the global rights to the next installment of the long-running Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror movie series. As of now, the title of the movie appears to simply be Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the project was filmed last year in Bulgaria. Originally planned for a theatrical release, the reboot comes from Legendary Pictures.

    David Blue Garcia served as the director for the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Fede Alvarez and Rodolfo Sayagues produced under their Bad Hombre banner alongside Kim Henkel, Ian Henkel, and Pat Cassidy of Exurbia Films. Legendary Pictures also produced. The starring cast includes Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), Sarah Yarkin (Happy Death Day 2U), Jacob Latimore (The Maze Runner), and Moe Dunford (Vikings).

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    The next chapter appears to be a legacy sequel to the original movie in the series, 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and it doesn’t seem that any of the other sequels, reboots, and reimaginings will be acknowledged. In the new movie, Leatherface hasn’t been seen or heard from since that the events of the 1974 original, only to come out of hiding for another chainsaw massacre decades later.

    Directed by Tobe Hooper, 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is widely considered to be among the greatest horror movies of all time. This is in part due to the incredible acting and eerie atmosphere, though many viewers were especially horrified by the Ed Gein-inspired killer Leatherface. While his various family members would change throughout the different movies in the series, Leatherface has always been a constant with the chainsaw killer consistently ranking with Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers as the genre’s greatest villains.

    It’s previously been reported that the plan is to release this new Leatherface adventure sometime in 2021, though it’s unclear if that is still the plan now that it’s found its home at Netflix. If the movie is already in the can and ready to go, horror fans may be lucky enough to see it pop up just in time for Halloween. While a teaser poster was previously released, we are still waiting for a trailer, so hopefully fans can get at least a teaser in the near future.

    Because there are always so many differences from one installment to the other, it’s difficult to tell how many different timelines there are in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. There have been eight installments of the movie series so far, culminating with 2017’s Leatherface, an origin story for the chainsaw killer. Each installment has its fans, but the quality of the movies is debated a lot in horror circles.

    Netflix has found success teaming up with Legendary in the past. The streamer previously picked up Enola Holmes with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill from the studio, and the movie turned out to be one of 2020’s most popular titles on Netflix. A sequel for that movie is currently in the works. If horror fans on Netflix are just as happy with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, perhaps we’ll see more of Leatherface on the streamer as well. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.

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