Clerks III Wraps Tonight, Kevin Smith Already Has an Hour of the Movie Cut Together

    Kevin Smith has been sharing near daily updates since he began work on Clerks III, and today he shared what is going to be one of his last filming updates as he announced that the movie is in its final day of shooting. The film has only been in production for a month, but now his tenth collaborative effort with Jason Mewes has almost matched filming of the original Clerks with a lightning-fast shoot. Clerks III will follow on from its 2006 predecessor and will seemingly see Jeff Anderson’s Randal Graves take the lead, with many of the original cast returning to the franchise.

    “Last Day of CLERKS III,” Kevin Smith posted. “It’s been a blissful shoot. I’ve already cut together about an hour of the movie and it’s a funny as fuck, emotional paean to cinema. Tonight, these 2 old fools wrap their 10th movie together. Today, they’re just trying to survive a 7 mile Highlands hike.”

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    Clerks III will see Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson taking on the roles of Dante and Randal again, with Smith and Jason Mewes back in character as Jay and Silent Bob. Clerks II star Rosario Dawson will also be reprising her role of Becky. Earlier this year, Smith discussed exactly what the plot of movie would look like, including a very close to home story that starts with one of the characters having a near-fatal heart attack, just like Smith himself suffered in 2019.

    Randal has a heart attack, decides that he came so close to death, and his life has meant nothing, there’s nobody to memorialize him, he has no family or anything like that,” Smith said. “And in the recovery, while under fentanyl, he comes to the conclusion at mid-life, having almost died, having worked in a movie store his whole life and watched other people’s movies, he tells Dante, I think we need to make a movie. So Dante and Randal make Clerks. That’s the story of Clerks 3.”

    Smith continued, “I’m going to bring my boys right back to where they brought me. I’m writing it, it writes itself because I f-ing lived it 25 years ago. It’s just warm and f-ing wonderful. They’re figuring it out the same way I figured it out, but I have the benefit of being able to cherry pick all my favorite stories and moments of making Clerks and putting it right back into their hands.”

    The fact that the movie is pretty much entirely set at Quick Stop makes it easy to see why the production has been able to move along at pace, with very little time spent having to frequently move location while many other productions. There is currently no release date for Clerks III, but with Smith seeming to be in full throttle mode on his current slate, which also includes working on the second half of his Masters of The Universe series, no one would put it past him to have it all ready to go before too long.

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