‘Manifest’: 7 Things We Want to See in the Final Season

    Manifest fans celebrated on 828 Day when Netflix announced that it had picked up the drama for a fourth and final season (of 20 episodes!) because now it means they’ll get those answers they were left craving after that crazy cliffhanger. (NBC canceled it days after the Season 3 finale.)

    And while we do know that showrunner Jeff Rake had a plan for what would have come next if NBC had renewed it for a fourth season, who knows how much of that we’ll actually see now that there will only be 20 more episodes (versus the multiple seasons he’d had in mind)? Sure, we want answers to older Cal (Ty Doran) and where he’s been, where Captain Daly (Frank Deal) and the plane disappeared to, and whether the Stone family will be reunited with baby Eden, but there are also other things we’re hoping to see in these final episodes.

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