Vinnie Jones Wants Jason Statham, Brad Pitt & Guy Ritchie Back for Snatch 2

    Vinnie Jones wants to make a Snatch sequel, and hopes that someday director Guy Ritchie and the rest of the cast, including the likes of Jason Statham and Brad Pitt, will return for another crime comedy caper. The actor, who starred in the first Snatch as the near-unstoppable Bullet Tooth Tony (but you can call him Susan if it makes you happy), has been pondering a follow-up thanks to enthusiasm from fans in the United States.

    “I’d love to do Snatch 2. Especially in America, they say, ‘Are we gonna see Snatch 2?'”

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    Released back in 2000, Snatch begins when illegal boxing promoter Turkish (Jason Statham) convinces gangster Brick Top (Alan Ford) to offer bets on bare-knuckle boxer Mickey (Brad Pitt) at his bookie business. When Mickey does not throw his first fight as agreed, an infuriated Brick Top demands another match. Meanwhile, gangster Frankie Four Fingers (Benicio Del Toro) comes to place a bet for a friend with Brick Top’s bookies, as multiple criminals converge on a stolen diamond that Frankie has come to London to sell.

    Comprised of all the twists, turns, endlessly quotable lines and larger-than-life characters played by a stellar ensemble cast that Guy Ritchie’s gangster movies have become known for, Snatch was largely successful, both in critical response and financial gross, and has since garnered a passionate cult following.

    While acknowledging that rumors regarding a sequel to Guy Ritchie’s first movie, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, have been much more prominent, Vinnie Jones believes that Snatch 2 is the way to go, and could lead to, in his words, “an absolute blockbuster.”

    “A few years ago there was a rumour about Lock, Stock [and Two Smoking Barrels, Ritchie’s previous film in which Jones also featured], but I think worldwide Snatch would be the one to do. I’d love to get the boys back for that one. I think it would be enormous. I think it would be an out-and-out smash. It would be an absolute blockbuster, before it was even shown.”

    Vinnie Jones has no doubt that a Snatch sequel would be welcomed with open arms, not only in the US but across the board, and while there is no word that it will ever actually happen, Jones has offered a positive outlook on the possibility.

    “You never know with Guy [Ritchie], you know what I mean? J [Jason Statham] and Guy just did a movie together. I mean, who knows? I know Matthew Vaughn [producer] would be up for it, Guy would have to write it. It’s a dream-maker but you never know. You never know. But the good thing is, it wouldn’t be ‘oh, not one of them again’. Everybody would be looking forward to it. I think it’d be the hottest ticket in town for a premiere… Bring Brad [Pitt] back.”

    Jones is indeed correct that Statham and Guy Ritchie have recently collaborated again, on the action thriller Wrath of Man, with the pair due to unite once more for the spy movie Five Eyes. The Stath and Ritchie spending so much time together can surely only help Jones in getting Snatch 2 off the ground. But is it something that audiences would really want to see?

    Vinnie Jones can next be seen in Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins. This comes to us from Lad Bible.

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