Storytime with Seth Rogen Podcast Trailer Delves Into His Friends’ Secret Stash of Tales

    Born from his love of crazy stories, Seth Rogan is branching out into the world of podcasts with his new show, Storytime With Seth Rogan, which sees him ask famous friends and unknown acquaintances to tell him some interesting stories for his own entertainment and that of his listeners. Rogan announced the new project on Twitter, and also released a trailer on Stitcher, which features Paul Rudd, Ava Du Vernay and someone that Rogan once met thanks to some Canadian friends. Yes, it really is a completely random mix, but will definitely hit a chord with a lot of Rogan’s fans. You can listen to the trailer for the podcast here.

    While the show doesn’t exactly sell itself as an outright comedy affair, there are certainly going to be some laughs with Seth Rogen on hand to pad out his guests’ relaying of family secrets, unfortunate events and unbelievable tales with his usual comedic commentary. Marketed as an “audio documentary” podcast, the series will see the guests appearances interspersed with cutaways and musical interludes to create something more than just Rogan and his cohorts chortling their way through some stories they are fond of.

    Speaking to Vulture, the actor said that his aim was to show how much a person can be weighed down by their personal stories, even if that story has no bearing on the world in general or other people around them. Rogan is a firm believer that there is a great story in everyone, and in bringing in anyone he can get with a tale to tell, the This Is The End star hopes that he can bring many of these unknown stories to a greater audience.

    It appears that part of his inspiration also came while he was writing Yearbook, as during that time he was unable to collaborate fully on that project with his writing partners due to their commitments with their family lives and he just wanted to get on and create something in the spare time he found on his hands. While there are numerous projects he could have turned his hand to such as some big budget spectacle, or a TV series, he instead found himself being pulled into the world of stories of the amazing, strange and very personal stories that people find themselves wanting to relay to anyone who will listen.

    “So I was working on these chapters when I started to realize, I bet everyone has these,” he said. “I’m not particularly interesting in the grand scale of people. They just haven’t taken the time to write them or don’t know how to contextualize them maybe. It also came from a place of, can I create entertainment with much less resources than I generally have?”

    It seems that the answer to that is most definitely yes, and we will not have too long to wait to hear the outcome of his work, as the first episode of Storytime with Seth Rogen arrives on October 6 and will be available on the usual podcast outlets such as Apple Podcasts, Pandora and Stitcher. While there is no confirmation yet of who Rogan’s first guest will be, it is guaranteed they are going to have an interesting story to tell.

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