‘Chucky’: 3 Things to Know About USA & Syfy’s Take on the Maniacal Doll

    Horror’s maniacal doll carves a new path in Chucky, the soapy expansion of the Child’s Play film series. After bullied gay teen Jake (Zackary Arthur) finds a vintage Good Guys toy at a yard sale, the bodies—and revelations—start piling up.

    “I pitched it as Chucky meets Big Little Lies,” says executive producer Don Mancini, who penned both the movie franchise and the TV adaptation. But instead of rich Californians, it’s small-town folks being skewered…sometimes literally.

    Here, Mancini dishes on his leading man’s own mysteries.

    Chucky’s not just a toy

    Since he’s possessed by the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif returns to voice), the Good Guys doll needs to multitask. “There are several Chuckys [on set] that do different [activities],” Mancini explains, noting there are roughly two props for each action. “Is it a dialogue scene? Is Chucky walking through a room? Those are separate, elaborate [shots].”

    His look is iconic and unwavering

    “We always keep Chucky’s colors, and the colors of blood and gore that are associated with him,” Mancini says of the blue overalls and red sneaker getup. As for his fiery locks—don’t read too much into it. “We’re on the side of gingers,” offers the executive producer.

    He brings folks together

    Despite Chucky’s psychopathic ways, “he’s also lovable and charming,” Mancini says. Even his former victims agree: Chucky will reunite actors from past films, including Alex Vincent, Christine Elise, Fiona Dourif and Jennifer Tilly.

    Chucky, Series Premiere, Tuesday, October 12, 10/9c, USA and Syfy

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