TikTok Video of Grandpa Enjoying The Greatest Showman Leaves Hugh Jackman Smiling

    Hugh Jackman is frequently cited as one of the most genuine and fan-appreciative actors in the business, and it’s something that comes across pretty much every time he makes a social media post that isn’t part of his “online feud” with friend and sparring partner Ryan Reynolds. To prove that the Aussie is nothing but a great guy, he had many of his Twitter followers in tears when he shared a clip sent to him of a dementia patient enjoying the final moments of a screening of The Greatest Showman.

    It is hard to believe that is now four years since the musical that changed the landscape of what song-filled movies could achieve arrived in theaters to a mediocre response but was still playing to packed out cinemas when it was released on DVD and Blu-Ray months later. As the movie still continues to inspire and bring joy to people, that was never more evident than in the video shared by Hugh Jackman in which TikTok user CharlieMoose posted a video in which his grandfather, who suffers from dementia, was seen tearing up at the end of the film while calling it “one of the best” films he has seen. In true Jackman style, he wanted to let Charlie know how much the video had touched him.

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    He wrote with the post, “Thanks for sharing Charlie. Your Grandad sure made me smile. Please give him a hug for me. HJ.”

    Many of Jackman’s legion of followers replied with their own comments and feelings about how emotional the video had made them, and how the movie itself has impacted their lives. For a short moment in the video, Chalie’s granddad can be seen mouthing the line “From now on”, which is one of the closing songs of the movie. In an extended version of the video on his TikTok account, Charlie explained that his granddad suffers from second stage vascular dementia, but the music of The Greatest Showman is one of the things that has kept both their spirits up while the battle against the disease continues to take a toll. The response from Jackman was enough to gain attention on the CBS Morning News, which turned the video into an even bigger viral sensation.

    There are something’s that actors love about their jobs, and bringing joy to their audiences is usually near the top of that list. The Greatest Showman has done that in a way that many movies and their stars can only dream of, which has been highlighted again in this video. In a time when there is a lot of focus being put on personal wellbeing and looking after the people who need it most, even if you cannot necessarily talk to someone or help them in a physical sense, the power of music and cinema can combine in some amazing ways to bridge that gap.

    The Greatest Showman is currently streaming on Disney+ for those wanting to relive the magic themselves, or Jackman’s latest movie, Reminiscence, is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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