Full Yellowstone Season 4 Trailer Arrives, Teasing John Dutton’s Grisly Fate

    When we left the Dutton clan in the Yellowstone season 3 finale, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) was left struggling on the ground after a roadside ambush, Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) appeared to be feet away from the explosion in a box that was sent to her, and Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) was dealing with angry gunmen. Fans are seeing telling clues and the trailer is showing things are taking a grim turn for the Duttons. The full length trailer is offering a lot more details.

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    The Yellowstone Instagram says, “Let’s go! The season 4 trailer is HERE. Don’t miss the #YellowstoneTV two-hour premiere event, Sunday November 7, exclusively on @paramountnetwork.” Rip (Cole Hauser) is pleading, “Don’t you die on me, you hear me?” Who is he talking to? Is it Jimmy or his betrothed Beth? The voiceover from the savage Garrett (Will Patton), who’s the real father of Dutton’s son Jamie (Wes Bentley), says, “Fair, moral: Those are words men invented to scare and shame other men from taking back what they’d stolen.” “What about right or wrong?” asks Jamie. “There’s no such thing,” replies Garrett.

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    The fans are melting down. “John CANNOT die. Beth can’t. Casey can’t. Rip won’t. The only one expendable is Jamie the sissy pants Judas.” Another fan gets emotional with, “I’m not crying!! You’re crying!!!!” The fan outcries continue with, “Whoever thought they could put hands on Lloyd, we’re gonna have problems ????”

    “I’m so excited!” One fan says in the Instagram comments. “I can’t wait to see this season. I am looking forward to see how Jamie’s story unfolds. I hope we get to see Wes Bentley go bad because he’s so good at playing a villain but I do think he will wind up saving the ranch after the shock and anger wears off. I think he’s going wind up killing his bio dad in the end because deep down he’s a Dutton and he always wanted Johns approval.”

    “Don’t even have words other than that trailer left me like wtf am I about to watch. Give the promo team all the awards for this. Just wow.” Everyone is on the edge of their seat. The trailer doesn’t definitely show any true spoilers, but superfans of the show are seeing things that the casual watcher might be overlooking. With the cliffhanger from hell they left us with in the season 3 finale, it’s like “Who killed J.R.?” And who killed Laura Palmer?” rolled into one.

    If you’re new to this wagon train and you’re reading this and it’s leaving you feeling lost like IKEA instructions, never fear. The wagon train is stopping to let you climb aboard, cowboy. Paramount Network is running a marathon of all three seasons of the Dutton saga this weekend. The marathon kicks off on Saturday with season 1, followed by season 2 on Sunday and season 3 on Monday. The network will also be sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the new season. Yellowstone Season 4 debuts Nov. 7 on Paramount Network.

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