Enjoying ‘Heels’ and ‘Ted Lasso’? Watch These 7 Other Sports Shows

    You don’t have to love a sport to enjoy a TV show centered around it. You may even find yourself rooting for the team because of the players’ (and coaches’) stories.

    Right now, there are two shows worth watching that combine a sport, heart, family, and character-driven plotlines: Ted Lasso (soccer, er, football), in its second season on Apple TV+, and Heels (wrestling), in its first season on Starz. And if you’ve enjoyed those, maybe you’re looking to expand your horizons to other series. After all, those themes are common across shows about all athletics.

    You may even find yourself on the edge of your seat waiting to see if that ball will go into the basket on One Tree Hill or if a team will score a winning touchdown on Friday Night Lights because you’re invested in the characters’ lives.

    Scroll down for Cobra Kai, Pitch, and more options to check out once you’re caught up on AFC Richmond and the Spade brothers.

    Ted Lasso, Fridays, Apple TV+

    Heels, Sundays, 9/8c, Starz

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