Disney Sets Opening Date for New Epcot Restaurant and the Menu Sounds Tasty

    Disney parks are known for having delicious food. Many of the iconic foods include dole whip and hot dogs from Casey’s Corner. Epcot is especially known for having great food as it has an incredibly broad palette. You can find a vast variety of international cuisine throughout the parks’ World Showcase pavilions. The France pavilion is getting a new expansion and along with it, a brand new restaurant.

    La Cr&êperie de Paris is a new eatery coming to Epcot that will serve delicious crepes, galettes, and hard cider. The restaurant will be opening on Oct. 1st, the same day as the new attraction, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, which will open in the same area. The restaurant will also include gluten-free items which will be made from buckwheat. La Cr&êperie de Paris will be both table- and quick-service dining which means you can either sit and relax or grab a quick bite before going back out into the park.

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    The galettes will have an entire assortment of tasty fillings, including non-dairy and vegetarian options. According to Hunker, many of these “filling combos include Ham, egg, and Swiss cheese; Goat cheese, spinach, and walnuts; Smoked salmon, cr&ème fraiche, chives, and lemon; and Tomato, zucchini, and eggplant.”

    The crepe menu also has plenty of sweet options including “Hazelnut chocolate spread and whipped cream; Peach, red berries sauce, and almonds; and Pear, chocolate ganache, and whipped cream.”

    Crepes and galettes are not the only thing you can find on this menu. In addition, you can also get soup, salad, hard cider, juice, and soda. There is also a daily frix prixe menu which allows you to order a bigger meal if you have worked up an appetite. This meal would include “Your choice of a soup or salad, one savory galette, one sweet cr&êpe, and a glass of hard cider, soda, or juice.”

    The new France area has already begun previews for cast members and passholders. There are many videos and photos online showing what the restaurant looks like, along with the surrounding area.

    The centerpiece of the new area is Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Based on the 2007 Pixar film, The ride is a 3-D trackless dark ride that transforms guests to the size of mice as they travel through the kitchens and streets of Paris, joining Remy as he searches for a dish to cook. The ride is an almost exact clone of the version at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris, which opened in 2014. Previews have also begun for this attraction so check online for various videos showing off what you can expect.

    The area itself is mostly themed to Ratatouille with several details including wine brand named after critic Anton Ego and a large fountain with Remy at the top. A large Gusteau’s Restaurant sign also hangs over the area.

    The new restaurant and attraction will open on October 1st, coinciding with the start of the 50th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World. It may not be the actual Paris, but it will provide you with a little slice of Paris life.

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