Johnny 5 Is Still Alive with Fan-Made Short Circuit LEGO Set

    For any kid of the ’80s, the words “Number 5 is alive” hold a special place as the phrase that made you fall in love with a military robot brought to life by a freak lightning strike in the movie Short Circuit. Also for any kid of the ’80s, owning said robot would have been a dream, and now thanks to a movie and LEGO fan it could become a possibility as a design has been submitted to LEGO Ideas, and you can vote to make it a reality.

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    Short Circuit was released in 1986, starring Steve Guttenberg in one of his many 80s comedy roles, and told the story of Number 5, a robot created with the purpose of being an elite military weapon capable of going behind enemy lines without any risk to human life. While being charged, the generator supplying power to the robot is struck by lightning and Number 5 begins his quest to learn about the world around him.

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    He ends up bumping into Stephanie, played by Ally Sheedy, who through her encyclopedias and TV set manage to give Number 5 the information he is looking for. As his creator (Guttenberg) attempts to get back his robot before destruction loving Captain Skroeder – played by Guttenberg’s Police Academy nemesis G W Bailey – can find and destroy him. Of course, this is an 80s family movie, so there are a moments of peril for Number 5, a point when it looks like he has been destroyed and the compulsory happy ending which sees Number 5 take on the name Johnny 5 and drive off into the sunset. Johnny 5 would later return in Short Circuit 2, and there has long been talk of a Short Circuit reboot happening at some point in the far off future.

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    The model created by RJ BrickBuilds is pretty much a perfect LEGO-based replica of the beloved robot, and is even built with a drivetrain motorized by LEGO Powered Up motors. The use of the Powered Up motors mean that the robot’s arms, head, laser and body can be controlled via the Powered Up app, and his eyebrows are also able to be moved to give him multiple expressions. It is almost like having your own personal Johnny 5, and there is no one who grew up with the movie and its lesser sequel who would not be happy with that. In all, the model comprises of 2711 pieces and stands just over 23 inches tall, making it more than one of your little tap together pieces that then gets lost behind a can of soda because they are so small.

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    Anyone is free to submit designs via the LEGO Ideas platform, with an aim of gaining 10,000 support votes to have the design evaluated by a LEGO expert and potentially developed as an actual set that can be bought in regular LEGO outlets. The Johnny 5 design was submitted on August 9th and the same day passed the 100 supporter first milestone, which then allowed the project 12 months to gain 1000 supporters. This milestone was passed in just a few days and currently over 3000 people have provided their backing to the design. Having gained almost a third of the votes needed in under a month, there is every chance that the project will be coming to a shop near you sometime in the future.

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    You can add your support to the design, and browse the other many submitted ideas at Short Circuit is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime to subscribers.

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