Latest Rick and Morty Live-Action Teaser Hints at Many More Adventures to Come

    Following the nail-biting two-part finale of the fifth season of Rick and Morty with “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall” and “Rickmurai Jack”, Adult Swim have gifted fans with another live action promo starring Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd alongside It star Jaeden Martell. With the latest series now in our rear-view mirror, the clip has Lloyd going full-on enraged Rick Sanchez as he teases many more adventures to come…

    The clip harkens back to a similar scene from earlier in the show, during which grandpa Rick threatens both a writhing-in-pain Morty and the audience with many, many more adventures, and gives both Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell the chance to dig even deeper into their respective characters for all of a few seconds. To be fair to Martell, he does Morty’s writhing and squirming pretty well.

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    The response to these live-action renditions of Rick and Morty have been surprisingly mixed, with many fans believing there to have been better choices to play the roles, while others are seemingly uninterested in seeing the beloved characters in anything but animated form. The premise of Rick and Morty was heavily inspired by the relationship between Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown and Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly from the Back to the Future trilogy, making Lloyd the most obvious choice to don the white coat and burp his way through dialogue, but many fans of the series have found the casting choice quite jarring.

    It’s unknown what Adult Swim plans to do with these live action teasers, with many expecting that they are simply adverts for season 5, while others wonder whether they are indeed clips from an upcoming live action project starring the two actors. In either case, for many fans of Rick and Morty it has been fun to see the legendary Christopher Lloyd recreate moments as Rick Sanchez, even if it does turn out to simply be for these short clips and nothing more.

    Created and executive produced by Community Dan Harmon alongside Adventure Times‘ Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty is a half-hour animated series that follows a sociopathic genius scientist who consistently drags his inherently timid grandson on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe and multiple other universes. Roiland voices the eponymous characters, with Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer and Sarah Chalke voicing the rest of Rick and Morty’s family.

    The latest series has seen Rick come face-to-face with his archenemy Mr. Nimbus; the government controversially create a giant incest baby; and Rick enter the mind of his best friend, Birdperson. Rick and Morty has been previously renewed for as many as 70 episodes, which are to be spread out over an undetermined number of seasons. Although a typical Rick and Morty season is 10 episodes, so it does not take a genius of Rick Sanchez’s calibre to work out how many seasons that could potentially be.

    The fifth season of Rick and Morty premiered on June 20, 2021, and once again consists of ten episodes. Sixth and seventh seasons have been confirmed to already be in development, and they will no doubt be released whenever Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland feel like it.

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