Rick and Morty Live-Action Teasers Have Fans Wanting a Full Movie

    Adult Swim has been killing it lately with no less than three new live-action promos for Rick and Morty, and many fans are hoping it leads to an actual movie. In the clips, Christopher Lloyd plays a live-action incarnation of the titular mad scientist Rick Sanchez, a fitting casting choice as the character was inspired by Doc Brown. It and It: Chapter Two‘s Jaeden Martell is also featured as Rick’s grandson Morty, as you can see in the clips below.

    The endgame for the continuous live-action promos is unclear with the mystery seemingly unfolding over with brief snippets releasing at a time. They could have simply been created to help promote Rick and Morty, and there’s no indication that this is for an actual live-action movie adaptation. Even so, many fans have been hopeful that a Rick and Morty movie could happen based on the positive response to the videos.

    Given that Back to the Future inspired Rick and Morty, Lloyd’s casting in particular has many fans feeling happy. One person tweeted, “If the clip of a ‘Rick and Morty Movie’ is actually a teaser trailer I am so happy that they hired Christopher Lloyd for the role! Just brings joy to my soul as “Back to the Future” is my favorite series/trilogy of all time!”

    “It’s amazing to see Christopher Lloyd play the character he is modeled after in the greatest animated series ever made,” another fan says. “Could this be a prelude to a full length, live action episode or movie? Please make it happen.”

    Of course, many fans were skeptical of a live-action movie, but some are now sold after seeing the teasers. As one fan puts it: “Y’know. I never wanted a Live Action Rick and Morty. But this? This is perfect. I actually wouldn’t mind a live action Rick and Morty movie tbh…. as long as it’s just like this.”

    The biggest reason fans have really taken to Christopher Lloyd in the role of Rick so well dates back to the origins of Rick and Morty. Originally developed as a cartoon called The Adventures of Doc and Mharti, it was conceived as a direct parody of Back to the Future‘s Doc Brown and Marty McFly. The characters were redesigned with their new names when creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland developed Rick and Morty for Adult Swim, though Rick still shares many similarities with Doc.

    As for Morty, some fans have pitched other actors like Michael Cera and Tom Holland for the role. Martell is really selling more and more on them as a live-action Morty Smith, however, with each new teaser showing how much he really nails the timid character’s mannerisms. Even the way he flails on the ground in the latest teaser, which reenacts a scene from the pilot, is very reminiscent of Morty.

    There’s a lot of buzz about Rick and Morty right now after the show just recently wrapped its fifth season. With the wait now on for season 6, fans are also widely discussing the possibility of a movie happening based on the new promos. Time will tell if that comes to fruition, but the animated series certainly isn’t going anywhere. Fro now, you can see what fans are saying about the potential live-action adaptation on Twitter.

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