Clerks III Sneak Peek Brings Back Rooftop Hockey with the Quick Stop Team

    Yet another link to the original Clerks has been revealed for Clerks III, courtesy of director Kevin Smith. Recently, the anticipated comedy sequel wrapped filming, and now the post-production process is underway. Throughout the shoot, Smith has been keeping his fans updated by posting images and updates about Clerks III. We’ve previously gotten to see early looks at the returns of Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson), the movie’s lead stars.

    Now, Smith has shared another photo teasing more of the sequel, and of course, it’s a direct reference to the original Clerks. The photo shows Dante and Randal posing in hockey gear with a group of players behind them. We can also see the Quick Stop Groceries sign in the background, suggesting the hockey game is taking place on the roof, as we saw in the original Clerks. In the caption, Smith explains more about the scene and reveals how every character you see is an Easter egg.

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    “While shooting Clerks III, of course street hockey happened atop the roof of @quickstopgroceries once again! And we all lost 10 pounds of water weight as we were up there on the hottest day of the shoot! When you eventually see the flick, know that all of these sweet souls sweated their balls off in over 100 degree weather that afternoon to make that scene happen. But it wasn’t just a hockey match we shot: I got to bring together all the eras of my life on that searing rooftop.”

    Kevin Smith then goes on to explain how every player in that hockey game was put there for a reason. All four personalities from Smith’s Comic Book Men show on AMC with Michael Zapcic and Ming Chen playing for the opposing team, the Leonardo Reapers, with Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan partnering with Dante and Randal for Team Quick Stop. Smith’s childhood friends Ernie O’Donnell and Mike Belicose are also included to represent that chapter of Smith’s life with Vincent Pereira there to represent Smith’s Quick Stop days.

    “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar – but sometimes, every decision has hidden meaning. Huge thanks to our friends and partners at @geekyjerseys for suiting up our players in such quality threads! The #quickstopgroceries sweater (and many others) will be available to purchase, so keep an eye on the #geekyjerseys site for sales info!”

    You might have to wait to pick up your Quick Stop Groceries hockey jersey, but other memorabilia related to Clerks is now for sale. Chewlie’s gum, the fictional brand introduced in the first movie, is back in full force in Clerks III. Ahead of the movie’s release, the officially licensed gum is for sale now at Smith’s Food Askew website. Actor Scott Schiaffo will also return as the Chewlie’s gum representative, reprising his role from the original movie, another of many links to the first movie.

    Clerks III still doesn’t have an official release date set by Lionsgate. With post-production moving along very quickly, let’s hope the wait to see the movie isn’t too long. The new look at Clerks III comes to us from Kevin Smith on Instagram.

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