James Gunn Wishes Idris Elba a Happy Birthday with Bloodsport Behind-the-Scenes Photo

    While fans of Idris Elba marked the actor’s birthday, The Suicide Squad writer/director James Gunn had his own little birthday treat for the star when he shared a behind the scenes image from filming of the DC movie, which showed Elba crouched in a harness in the blue screen studio. Gunn posted the image on his Twitter account, commenting “Happy Birthday @idriselba you smooth bastard you.” The picture featured Elba in his full Bloodsport costume getting ready to film the sequence from the movie where he falls through the Jotunheim’s crumbling floors.

    Elba’s appearance in The Suicide Squad as Bloodsport was one of the characters who gained a lot of attention even before he was seen on screen. From the moment he was cast in the superhero movie there were rumors around exactly who he would be playing, with mentions given to DC villains such as Bronze Tiger, Vigilante and for a long time he was also speculated to be taking over the role of Deadshot, who was played by Will Smith in the previous Suicide Squad movie. What didn’t make his character any clearer, were reports that Elba’s character was referred to as Vigilante on set, although Elba was adamant that it wasn’t done as a deliberate misguidance.

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    “It wasn’t more of a deception. We just needed to give it a name because we didn’t know what character from the DC Universe we were going to use,” Idris Elba told in an interview earlier this year. “So, Vigilante just felt like a good red herring for anyone that was being nosy. And, ultimately, we really wanted to get the character right and figure out who makes sense to be in this version of the Suicide Squad. So, listen, I’m glad that people were surprised because the Deadshot character is an incredible character and should come back.”

    With John Cena’s Peacemaker getting his own spinoff and James Gunn having hinted that other characters from the movie could well get their own moment in the spotlight, many fans of the star have questioned if and when we will see Bloodsport again, and while there is nothing set in stone just yet, Elba clearly has a love of the character, which can surely only mean it is just a matter of time before there is word on a new outing for him on HBO Max’s growing slate of DC output.

    “I didn’t know what character I was playing, but I knew the type of character and I knew the position he played within the storyline,” Elba said in another interview. “So that’s all I needed to understand, and I signed on. But I did know that he was the first guy to put Superman in the hospital because he shot Superman (laughs), and that’s why he’s in jail. That was very intriguing and also became a little bit of a motivation in some of my scenes and my character development.”

    Gunn’s behind-the-scene birthday image was one of the many posts made to celebrate Elba’s birthday, and here are just a few of the many messages sent to him by fans.

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