LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales Trailer Goes to the Dark Side on Disney+ This Halloween

    The first trailer for LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales has been released by Disney ahead of the Halloween special’s launch on Disney+ on October 1st. The new addition to the LEGO Star Wars canon, which last year provided a Christmas themed offering, will see the comedy of LEGO’s animated output taking on the dark side of the Force…both literally and metaphorically. If you imagine the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror based in the LEGO Star Wars universe and you are pretty much there. The new trailer gives a first real look at the three individual stories that feature in the special.

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    The premise of the Star Wars show is that Darth Vader’s castle has become a theme park and servant Vanee takes the opportunity to spin a few good old Halloween yarns to frighten those brave enough to listen to his tales of the Sith. The stories will incorporate many fan favorite Star Wars characters including Darth Maul, Ben Solo, Poe Dameron, General Grievous and many more. Check out the trailer below.

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    The official synopsis from Disney reads: “After the events of The Rise of Skywalker, Poe and BB-8 must make an emergency landing on the volcanic planet Mustafar where they meet the greedy and conniving Graballa the Hutt who has purchased Darth Vader’s castle and is renovating it into the galaxy’s first all-inclusive Sith-inspired luxury hotel. While waiting for his X-wing to be repaired, Poe, BB-8, Graballa, and Dean (a plucky and courageous young boy who works as Graballa’s mechanic) venture deep into the mysterious castle with Vader’s loyal servant, Vane&é. Along the way, Vane&é shares three creepy stories linked to ancient artifacts and iconic villains from across all eras of Star Wars. As Vane&é spins his tales and lures our heroes deeper into the shadowy underbelly of the castle, a sinister plan emerges. With the help of Dean, Poe and BB-8 will have to face their fears, stop an ancient evil from rising, and escape to make it back to their friends.”

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    The LEGO trailer features all three of the stories which are “The Lost Boy”, about Ben Solo’s first encounter with Ren; “The Dueling Monstrosities”, a tale of the birth of Darth Maul and General Grievous; and “The Wookie’s Paw”, a take on the classic horror story of “The Monkey’s Paw” which sees all of Luke Skywalker’s wishes coming true but not necessarily in the way he would like.

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    LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales boasts an ensemble cast as you would expect for any Star Wars project. This includes Jake Green as Poe Dameron; Raphael Alejandro as Dean; Dana Snyder as Graballa the Hutt; Tony Hale as Vane&é Christian Slater as Ren; Trevor Devall as Emperor Palpatine; Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as NI-L8; and Matt Sloan as Darth Vader.

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    The special joins a whole host of new Star Wars animations coming to Disney+ over in the next year, including Star Wars Visions, which premieres on the platform on September 24th and brings the Star Wars story into an anime universe. With the addition of live-action series The Book of Boba Fett, more from The Mandalorian and numerous movie projects coming, the Star Wars bandwagon is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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