Rob Zombie Shares 1313 Mockingbird Lane Update from The Munsters Set

    Production on The Munsters Movie is moving along quickly with a new set photo revealing more of 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Currently in development with Rob Zombie on board as writer and director, The Munsters will reboot the classic comedy series with an all-new movie and cast. Zombie previously scouted locations for filming in Budapest where he found a spot to build the Munsters’ neighborhood Mockingbird Heights from the ground up.

    When it comes to 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the house that the Munster family calls home, Zombie has been paying very close attention to the details. As a really big fan of The Munsters, he has explained how his vision is to recreate the house to look exactly as it did in the original series, suggesting that Zombie wants to make the movie as faithful to the source material as possible. New images, which you can see below, reveal the house’s current state, and it’s pretty amazing to see.

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    In the caption, Rob Zombie writes, “MUNSTERS UPDATE: The crew is hard at work bringing 1313 back to life. As you can see the iconic house is beginning to emerge. This talented group of carpenters and painters are trying to recreate every little detail perfectly. Stay tuned for more news.”

    Zombie’s excitement is very obvious to see in all of his social media posts. He has been consistent in releasing small sneak peeks at a time with previous photos revealing looks at the wardrobe and some of the practical special effects going into the costumes. The director is also having all of Mockingbird Lane built rather than just the Munster family home. At the start, he revealed the blueprints for 1313 Mockingbird Lane, and it’s interesting to see how the house is coming along a couple months later.

    “The blueprints are done! Time to start the construction,” Zombie said in July. “Get ready for the most perfect Munsters house since 1964. I want this thing exact.”

    Something many fans want to find out more about would be the new cast of The Munsters. There have been rumored names attached, including Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily and Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, along with Dan Roebuck, Richard Brake, Jorge Garcia, and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson” in undisclosed roles. Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy also appears to be a part of the cast after saying in interviews he was working with Zombie in Budapest on a movie this year. None of these names have been officially confirmed by Zombie.

    The Munsters originally ran for 70 episodes between 1964-66. A classic sitcom following a family of benign monsters, the show has developed a strong following over the decades. Various movies and spinoffs have also been created as a way to try to recapture that same feeling of the original series. Zombie’s attention to detail suggests his reboot could be the closest we’ve seen yet.

    The rumored release plan for The Munsters is for the movie to premiere both in theaters and on NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock. Zombie hasn’t announced a release date or even a release window at this time. It would also appear that filming can’t be too far away with construction on the Munster home taking shape. In any case, Zombie will likely continue to post updates on social media. This news comes to us from Rob Zombie on Instagram.

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