‘A Million Little Things’ Season 4 Premiere: What Did Gary Do to Peter? (PHOTOS)

    We’re going to keep asking the same question — What did Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) do in the Season 3 finale?! — until A Million Little Things gives us the answer. Fortunately, we should know soon.

    As you’ll recall, Sophie’s (Lizzy Greene) music teacher, Peter (Andrew Leeds), assaulted her, and when the cops couldn’t do anything, Gary took matters into his own hands and went to his house. In the Season 4 premiere, “Family First,” he “struggles in the aftermath of his encounter with Peter,” ABC teases. While the photos offer zero clues about what he did, it looks like he might be seeking some comfort from his dog, Colin.

    Also seen in the images is Eddie (David Giuntoli), who will be getting closer to finding out who caused his accident after receiving a call in the Season 3 finale. Plus, Regina (Christina Moses) and Rome (Romany Malco) put on a united front after her restaurant closes and the deportation of Tyrell’s (Adam Swain) mother.

    ABC also reveals that Maggie (Allison Miller) will be navigating a new career opportunity, and Sophie will have mixed emotions about her mother, Delilah (Stephanie Szostak), who faces a tough decision.

    Scroll down for a look at the Season 4 premiere. What’s bringing everyone together?

    A Million Little Things, Season 4 Premiere, Wednesday, September 22, 10/9c, ABNC

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