‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Teases Another Return in ‘Station 19’ Premiere Crossover Promo (VIDEO)

    What’s the “OMG” for this time when Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy kick off their new seasons on September 30 with a crossover event? Apparently, fans should stay tuned for a returning character that has yet to be announced, based on the promo.

    As has already been revealed, Kate Burton (as the late Ellis Grey), Kate Walsh (as Addison Montgomery), and Abigail Spencer (as Megan Hunt) are all reprising their roles in multiple episodes in Grey’s Season 18. In fact, you can see two out of the three in the new preview, and we can’t help but wonder exactly why Megan is at the hospital.

    The video begins with Ellis posing the exact question her daughter, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), must be asking herself after surviving COVID: “You survived the unthinkable. What are you going to do?”

    It looks like that’s also the question that the first responders of Station 19 will be facing when someone steals the rig and there’s a crash. With traffic keeping their ambulance from reaching them, they must transport the patient to Grey Sloan on foot. Also arriving at the hospital, in an ambulance, is Owen (Kevin McKidd). Who’s hurt?

    And then the promo teases fans should “brace yourself for one hell of a return.” We see Megan walking through the hospital, but why is she there? Could she know the victim? We’d worry about Martin Henderson’s Nathan Riggs, since they were together last we saw, but this seems a bit too dramatic to be him. He wasn’t killed off, we know Megan’s returning, and it’s not like he left with bad blood with everyone. (However, Meredith’s reaction as she seemingly finds out what’s going on does make him a possibility, given their brief romance.)

    Watch the promo below for more.

    Station 19, Season 5 Premiere, Thursday, September 30, 8/7c, ABC

    Grey’s Anatomy, Season 18 Premiere, Thursday, September 30, 9/8c, ABC

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