Johnny Depp Channels Captain Jack Sparrow for Young Pirates of the Caribbean Fan

    Johnny Depp recently appeared at the Deauville American Film Festival in France, and footage captured of the actor interacting with a young Pirates of the Caribbean fan on the red carpet is going viral on social media. Depp, who was named as a guest of honor at the event, was there to promote the screening of his movie City of Lies. He also spent some time mingling with the many fans who’d come to see him.

    One video posted to Instagram by Estelle Jachimiak reveals Johnny Depp meeting her young son, who’s dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s also holding a sign with a drawing of the character along with a message that reads, “Johnny I love you.” In the footage, which has since been getting shared throughout social media, Depp speaks with the child and even slips into character as Jack Sparrow. You can watch the footage below.

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    “Have you ever seen what you look like?” Depp says in the Jack Sparrow voice. “Because I know that when I look like that, I look different but I look the same. You look the same, even though you’re much older than I am.”

    Elsewhere on the red carpet, Depp told France 24 of the fan response he was receiving: “I’m never not shocked at the support. And the warmth, and the love, and the reception, and the people thanking me for something I should be thanking them for. This is a way to be able to say thank you to the people who pay all of our salaries.”

    Depp’s movie that screened at the festival, City of Lies, is directed by Brad Furman. It follows Depp as a retired LAPD detective and Forest Whitaker as a journalist investigating the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.. Per France 24, Depp also shed some more light on why it’s taken so long to get the movie released, as it was first set for a premiere in 2018.

    “Hollywood, that’s really the answer,” Depp said. “The politics of Hollywood are very complicated, based on elementary school retaliatory tactics. I don’t think it was any accident that the film was sort of suppressed, taken out of our possession.”

    Furman added: “I think there was a lot elements, unfortunately [why it’s taken so long to be released]. It was the Los Angeles Police Department, and the broad landscape of that. It was the struggle of two distributors. The struggle of some of the perceptions of things that he’s alluding to. I’m very proud to be here, and very proud to always stand by Johnny and to share the movie with the world.”

    “When the film was sitting in limbo, the real damage about that is Ms. Wallace, Voletta Wallace, Biggie’s mom, who’s very wise, beautiful… very philosophical and wise,” Depp further explained. “This mother deserves answers. And this film contains all of the, everything that leads up to the answer for her. This film is, for her, hopefully I believe one step closer in getting some relief from what she’s had to experience for all these long years. So, to hold it and not release it for this reason or that reason, it causes a problem for Ms. Wallace. I believe that Ms. Wallace deserves to have the truth be known, and she deserves some justice and some attention for her plight.”

    Major studios might be keeping some distance from Depp in recent years, but his fans are still strongly behind him. City of Lies is available to rent or purchase on VOD outlets and is also streaming on Starz. The footage of Depp interacting with his young fan at Deauville was first posted by Estelle Jachimiak on Instagram.

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