‘Manifest’: Who’s Returning for the 4th & Final Season on Netflix?

    Almost everyone is set to return for the fourth and final season of Manifest following Netflix saving it on 8/28 day.

    Josh Dallas (Ben Stone), Melissa Roxburgh (Michaela Stone), and J.R. Ramirez (Jared Vasquez) signed on at the time of the save. And now Parveen Kaur (Saanvi Bahl), Luna Blaise (Olive Stone), and Holly Taylor (Angelina Meyer) have also signed on to return, Deadline reports.

    However, Jack Messina, who played Cal Stone, will not be returning, nor will Athena Karkanis (Grace Stone). Grace died in the finale, and Cal returned after disappearing as old as he would have been if he hadn’t been on Flight 828. (The series kicked off with the plane returning after being gone for five years, and none of the passengers had aged.) Ty Doran, who appeared as the older Cal in the finale’s final moments, will be a series regular for Season 4.

    That just leaves Matt Long, who plays Zeke Landon. He has signed on for the new NBC pilot Getaway, so his availability is still to be determined. Will that have any effect on the outcome of the Michaela-Jared-Zeke love triangle? As Season 3 ended, Michaela and Zeke were married, but he could tell that her relationship with her ex was far from over — and Jared did nothing to hide his feelings on the matter.

    Among the other storylines that need to be resolved in the fourth season are Angelina kidnapping baby Eden (after killing Grace), where Captain Daly (Frank Deal) and the plane wreckage disappeared to, and getting answers to pretty much everything.

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