‘Back to Life’ Season 2 Sneak Peek: Miri Gives Her Parents the Silent Treatment (VIDEO)

    Showtime’s Back to Life, from creator, writer, executive producer, and star Daisy Haggard, is coming back to TV beginning Monday, September 13, and we have your exclusive first look at the Season 2 premiere episode.

    In the sneak peek clip, Miri’s life is picking up three weeks after the Season 1 finale and she’s embracing her love for the late ’90s and Y2K aesthetic. But should we be surprised considering she spent the past 18 years in prison? In an attempt to prove some things never go out of style, Miri crimps her hair with an iron as she readies herself for a new day which includes a green work vest and a mini boombox as an accessory.

    Back to Life Season 2 Richard Durden and Geraldine James

    (Credit: Luke Varley/SHOWTIME)

    It would seem she’s ready to move on and move out as she gives her parents the silent treatment upon running into them in the kitchen. “You look nice, have you got a new job?” Miri’s mother Caroline (Geraldine James) asks, to which she receives no answer.

    When Miri’s father pushes for her to answer, she defers to the mini boombox which houses various pre-recorded responses, the first one being, “no.” As Miri hits different buttons, her feelings are made clear as she brings up the fact that her mother had an affair with her former boyfriend Dom (Jamie Michie).

    “We can’t live like this,” Miri’s mother exclaims. “You haven’t spoken to me in three weeks.” In an attempt to give her mother a more definitive answer, Miri fiddles with the buttons on her boombox until she finds the statement, “I will be leaving this house soon… it has become increasingly clear that we can no longer…..,” Miri’s recording reveals before the tape goes crazy, leaving her to speak aloud.

    See what she has to say in the sneak peek clip, above, and don’t miss Miri’s Season 2 journey as Back to Life returns for its second season.

    Back to Life, Season 2 Premiere, Monday, September 13, 10/9c, Showtime

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