‘The Hot Zone: Anthrax’ Reminds Viewers of a ‘Tense & Terrifying Time’

    Just a week after the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, mysterious letters containing deadly anthrax spores began arriving at news outlets and politicians’ offices.

    Five people died; 17 were infected. The limited series The Hot Zone: Anthrax, dramatizes the hunt for the killer by FBI agent–microbiologist Matthew Ryker (Daniel Dae Kim).

    The Hot Zone: Anthrax, Tony Goldwyn

    (Credit: National Geographic/Peter Stranks)

    “We put you in the shoes of people who were on the ground, remind everyone what a tense and terrifying time it was,” says executive producer Kelly Souders.

    Parallel to the unflagging efforts of Ryker, a fictional character, is the work of real-life U.S. Army biodefense researcher Bruce Ivins (Tony Goldwyn), who came under suspicion even as he tested samples for the investigation.

    Series researchers created a 100-page timeline to follow, but the story flashes further back. “We’re delving into the lives of Bruce and of Ryker,” says exec producer Brian Peterson. Anthrax “is very much a psychological thriller.”

    The Hot Zone: Anthrax, Series Premiere, Sunday, November 28, 9/8c, National Geographic

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