John Carpenter Unleashes 2nd Track from Halloween Kills Soundtrack

    After a year of up and downs in the movie industry that was plagued with delays and reshoots, we are finally seeing some of those films finally make their debut. But with every film comes a great a soundtrack and Halloween Kills is no exception.

    The legend himself John Carpenter just created a killer new track called “Rampage,” for the upcoming soundtrack to the film. The second installment of the new Halloween reboot trilogy is soon to be released alongside the soundtrack on October 15th.

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    The composer alongside his son Cody Carpenter and guitarist Daniel Davies were the Masters behind the soundtrack and set the tone for each song. The new song “Rampage” is a mix of creepy percussion and synths which brings the tone of dread that only a Carpenter’s classic could convey. “Rampage” follows the previously released soundtrack single, “Unkillable.”

    The David Gordon Green-directed Halloween Kills was suppose to arrive on the big screen last October, but it was postponed (like so many other movies). The film brings back stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle, who will reprise their roles from the 2018 Halloween revival as Laurie Strode and Michael Meyers. We have the third and final installment, Halloween Ends, which is expected to arrive in October 2022.

    This past February Carpenter released his first album comprising non-soundtrack songs in five years. The title of that was Lost Themes III: Alive After Death. Carpenter launched the Lost Themes series in 2015, then released the sequel the following year. So he is no stranger to killer tracks. Music makes movies like these, you can’t have a killer mad man running around town slashing people open to just any song. You have to have the proper mood music, even when beheading teenagers while they are enjoying a moment in the back of a parked car.

    In a recent tweet, Carpenter shared the new track and reminded fans they can pre-order the entire soundtrack from Sacred Bones Records. The official soundtrack will be sold on digital and on vinyl.

    [embedded content]

    Halloween Kills comes out just in time for the 2021 Halloween season and with these movies finally coming to an end (maybe) it’s only makes sense that every detail is covered. So what do you think of the Carpenter’s work ( seen what I did there.) Does it pay tribute to the films while adding something new? And are you ready for the final tale of Michael Myers and all the carnage and destruction he has caused over the years not to mention the body count. Don’t forget to leave your comments and continue to follow us for all your movie news.

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