Eternals Hit the Beach in Breezy New Peek at Marvel’s Cosmic Adventure

    Tense expressions, pensive looks, questioning faces, beautiful backdrops, and different environments. These words describe the promotion photos that were released today. Eternals took over the cover of &Total Film& magazine. Inside the pages of the promotional ensemble, readers were treated to a few still images from the upcoming film.

    &The photos add more fuel to the fires of anticipation coming on the heels of a couple Eternals trailers that have already been released. Additionally, the film was just voted most anticipated film for the fall, beating out such films as &Ghostbusters:Afterlife, No Time to Die, Venom 2: Let Their Be Carnage,&and the film that has been hailed as a cinematic masterpiece, &Dune&. &All the high praise and accolades, naturally have taken all the pressure off of the films upcoming release.

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    The upcoming film directed by Chloe Zhao is set within a great amount of Marvel mythos. Recent information has also indicated that &Eternals&will take place ‘around the same time’ as &Spider-Man: Far From Home&,&not to be confused with the newer, highly anticipated film, &Spider-Man: No Way Home.& For those keeping track at home, this refers to the time frame in which Mysterio was playing with the Friendly Neighborhood Wall Crawler.

    Eternals,&as mentioned above, delves a lot into some more ancient beings of Marvel. Audiences being treated to the recent promotional materials will be excited to know they have already kind of been introduced to Eternals previously by way of The Mad Titan himself. That’s right, Thanos was part Eternal. For casual fans of Marvel, the photos, trailers, and more information we are fed as the film nears its release date is all welcome information. If you aren’t familiar with the Eternal team, don’t worry. We can all recall a previous unknown franchise being brought to life in &Guardians of the Galaxy.& Prior to the release of James Gunn’s highly touted and critically acclaimed space comedy, The Guardians were a relative unknown in Marvel. I think it’s safe to say that that gamble worked out for everyone though. Much like &Guardians of the Galaxy&, &Eternals&is introducing audiences to this entirely new team which is sporting some serious acting chops im bringing these god-like immortal entities to life.

    &The photos depict Thena (Angelina Jolie), Ikaris (Richard Madden), Sersi (Gemma Chan), Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) and others in various backgrounds and with various other members of the team. The first trailer for the film was celebrated for showing amazing backdrops and fantastic scenery and those characteristics are deliberately and magnificently shown off in the new film photos.

    Chloe Zhao is hot off her oscar win for Best Director for her project &Nomadland&. Zhao joins the impressive and growing list of Oscar nominees and winners in the form of actors and directors working with the House of Mouse for MCU projects. The monstrous franchise which now includes over 20 films is being kept fresh and drawing audiences excited to see the new adventures their favorite old superheroes are going on as well as the beginning of new favorites such as Shang-Chi and the members of the Eternals team. The success is undoubtedly being driven by the creative juices &flowing from Kevin Feige as well as the actors, actresses, and directors &the MCU attracts. &We won’t have much longer to wait for the arrival of The Eternals in their fight against The Deviants and others. &Eternals& hits theaters November 5th.

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