Ryan Reynolds Attempts Grace Kelly Challenge on TikTok, But Will Ferrell Steals the Show

    While Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell were today seen having fun singing a rendition of Mika’s Grace Kelly on Tiktok, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t hard at work on their musical movie Spirited, which has been filming in Boston. The pair took time out from their hectic shooting schedule to provide a bit of good cheer to TikTokkers everywhere in a video that gained over 25 million views, but another video released on Instagram gave fans of the pair their first real look at Reynolds and Ferrell in fully swing on set performing a song and dance number from the new movie.

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    The footage was caught by Massachusetts based DJ 4EIGN, who was able to film the pair and a full dance ensemble performing an almost Broadway style song and dance routine on a set that clearly plays to Boston’s historic brick buildings. In the first part of the video, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are seen talking to each other while the scene is prepared, and this leads into the performance itself with sees the pair high kicking their way along the street with dozens of adult and child dancers behind them kitted out in very old world, Victorian style dresses. The routine is choreographed to a bouncing tune and really sets the idea of what we can expect from the film when it arrives on Apple TV+ probably next Christmas.

    The dance around the street climaxes in what appears to be an all out street brawl, with Ferrell and Reynolds’ characters passing around what seems to be a lighted explosive or torch, which Ferrell tosses to a crew member who is clearly out of shot. There is then a boom of light off at the back of the shot, which suggests the music is cut short by some on screen action. Considering we are dealing with a new take on a Christmas Carol here, we can expect that this is down to some kind of ghostly magic being performed by Will Ferrell’s Ghost of Christmas Present. One thing that can be taken from this is that while Reynolds has been seen is modern day clothing on the set, there is going to be some classic olden days angle within the movie, because even Reynolds’ costume in these videos seems a little dated compared to the suit he has been seen wearing in still from the early part of the production.

    The video continues with a short clip of the pair mulling around, both actors getting his hair touched up by hair artists on set as they prepare for the next part of filming. While it is clearly going to be some time before we get our first official look at the movie in the form of a trailer, this is probably one of the best bits of unofficial footage that will come from the production which will likely be drawing to a close in the next month.

    Spirited will be the latest take on Dickens’ classic Christmas tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, and currently has no set premiere date, but with filming having begun in July, it will certainly not be ready in time for this Christmas, so should arrive sometime in November or December 2022.

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