‘What If…?’ First Look: Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger & Tony Stark Team Up (VIDEO)

    Another week means another What If…? tale from Marvel’s animated Disney+ series and we have your exclusive first look at some one-on-one time between Tony Stark and Eric Killmonger.

    Michael B. Jordan returns to reprise his role originated in 2018’s Black Panther, but in this reality, he’s sharing his expertise with Tony and the team at Stark Industries. In a sneak peek clip from Episode 6, “What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?,” (streaming September 15), above, Tony (Mick Wingert) receives a helping hand with some tech as Killmonger provides Iron Man with some much-needed Vibranium.

    Marvel's What If...? Tony Stark Episode 6 Disney+

    (Credit: Marvel Studios)

    “You know, we need another power source,” Tony says out loud as he and Killmonger have a brainstorming session. As Tony continues to press some ideas, Killmonger introduces one of his own.

    “What we need is Vibranium,” says Killmonger candidly. “With the right juice, it can act as a self-sustaining energy source.” While the thought definitely entertains Tony, there’s some reluctance there as well.

    “Too bad Pops used the last of it during the war,” Tony responds, referencing his father Howard Stark’s use of Vibranium in the past. Thankfully, Killmonger has a plan. “Not all of it,” he tells Tony as he holds up a ring containing the precious material.

    Shocked, he wonders where Killmonger found the Vibranium. His vague answer sparks an idea in Tony’s mind, and he goes straight to Pepper Potts for her input. But is she as willing to explore the options at the expense and rise of Stark Industries? Find out in the clip above, and tune in for the episode when it begins streaming September 15 on Disney+.

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