‘FBI’ First Look: OA Heads to Budapest for ‘International’ Crossover (PHOTOS)

    The FBI’s takeover of Tuesday night is now complete. The hit CBS Fed franchise has expanded from the New York City bureau to the Fugitive Task Force (Most Wanted) and now offers FBI: International, which follows the Fly Team, a Budapest-based counterterrorism unit that protects Americans abroad. All three series premiere on the same night with an epic crossover.

    FBI stars Missy Peregrym (Special Agent Maggie Bell) and Zeeko Zaki (Special Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan) debrief us. Plus, scroll down for exclusive photos of OA in Budapest (including some fun shots of him behind the scenes with the Fly Team’s dog).

    The big crossover case opens on FBI, with a murdered young woman’s connection to a yacht party full of rich and powerful folks. Where do Maggie and OA fit in?

    Missy Peregrym: I’m only doing a scene or two in each episode. Go ahead, Zeek!

    Zeeko Zaki: I have a throughline in all three shows, [which includes] going to Budapest for the FBI: International pilot.

    Zeeko Zaki, with the FBI International Cast

    Katalin Vermes/CBS

    Peregrym: Our office gets Most Wanted [special agent and war vet Kenny] Crosby [Kellan Lutz] involved because we think he might know one of our suspects.

    Zaki: And the idea of this crossover is to show a crime that is not local, but an international situation.

    Right, so why does OA get sent to Budapest on International?

    Zaki: He blames himself for overlooking something, and he’s allowed to see [the case] through to the end. We break protocol because of how affected OA is by the outcome.

    What else is coming?

    Peregrym: In [Episode 2] there’s a [hostage situation] and someone struggling with their mental health. The team has to determine if the woman’s accusations are valid…on a very tight clock.

    Zaki: In Episode 3, we get to explore OA’s backstory in [Afghanistan] and how he feels about how vets are treated.

    Peregrym: And we’re dealing with a bomb again in Episode 3.

    How is Maggie and OA’s relationship as partners and friends evolving?

    Peregrym: What’s fun about Season 4 is they work so well together. Ultimately, Maggie and OA have each other’s backs, and they really care about each other.

    Zaki: [Their relationship has] become the backbone of the show!

    Peregrym: It’s very organic [for us to play], because Zeeko and I get along incredibly well.

    Zaki: We laugh so much that we come off as more professional when we’re not together!

    FBI, Season 4 Premiere, September 21, 8/7c, CBS

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