‘Tough as Nails’: Meet the Cast of Season 3 (PHOTOS)

    Tough as Nails is welcoming a new crew of everyday Americans to the competition as CBS unveils the cast of competitors for Season 3.

    Returning Wednesday, October 6, the series challenges 12 individuals in a test of strength, endurance, life skills, and mental toughness. Creator Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race) returns as host and showrunner as the show makes way for a fire captain, crop duster, lineman, and ironworker among others.

    Tough as Nails Phil Keoghan

    (Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS)

    Chosen for being the best in their trades, the competitors come from all walks of life. Kicking off the season in a special way at Camp Pendleton Marin Corps Base in Southern California, Season 1’s winner, Marine veteran Kelly “Murph” Murphy, returns to lead crews through a series of military-style challenges.

    Other locations crews will visit and complete jobs at include Mt. Baldy in Los Angeles, the U.S. Coast Guard in San Pedro, Irwindale Speedway, and more. Everyone is a winner in this series as well, even if someone “punches out,” they still have chances to win cash prizes in individual competitions throughout the season.

    “It is a privilege that we are now in season three of Tough as Nails and can continue to honor America’s hardest working people, the essential workers who have helped us get through a really challenging time,” said Phil Keoghan in a statement. “It feels good that this is a show for the people and about the people that we should all acknowledge and celebrate.”

    Meet the newest recruits with Season 3’s full cast roundup, below, and don’t miss Tough as Nails when it returns this fall on CBS.

    Tough as Nails, Season 3 Premiere, Wednesday, October 6, 9/8c, CBS

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