‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Preview: Expect a Lot of Consequences & Chaos (VIDEO)

    “John Dutton has been shot up, Beth has been blown up, Kayce was in a gunfight,” Cole Hauser (who plays Rip Wheeler) helpfully recaps where Yellowstone left Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Luke Grimes‘ characters in the new preview for Season 4.

    “Life is cruel and uncaring,” John says at the beginning of the video. “Makes you wonder the point of it all. Find someone you love so much just to lose them.” But will the Duttons lose one of their own? That’s the big question after the Season 3 finale.

    What we do know is that “Season 4 opens with just equal amounts of chaos,” Kelsey Asbille (Monica, who’s married to Kayce) says.

    “Where we pick up is right where we left off, the action of the scene is real-time,” Wes Bentley (who plays Jamie) teases. “My heart was pumping just reading it, so I think it’s going to be pretty spectacular to see.”

    As creator Taylor Sheridan points out, “It was a devastating attack against the family, so we gotta figure out who’s left to look into it.” That’s where Bentley comes in, helpfully recapping the family’s enemies: anyone involved in Broken Rock, big-money players trying to bring a ski resort to the area, small-time criminals looking for retribution, or “someone right in their own living room.” After all, Jamie did tell Rip he shouldn’t call him in the finale right before everything went down. So is it really at all surprising that Hauser suspects Bentley’s character?

    To put it simply, in Season 4, “everybody’s going to get f**ked up,” Hauser says.

    Watch the video below for more from the cast and Sheridan.

    Yellowstone, 2-Hour Season 4 Premiere, Sunday, November 7, 8/7c, Paramount Network

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