‘General Hospital’: First Look at Jason & Carly’s Wedding (PHOTOS)

    Jason (Steve Burton) and Carly (Laura Wright) are this close to making their marriage official on General Hospital later today. The couple’s elegant marriage ceremony started yesterday but the actual “I do’s” have yet to be exchanged. The question is…will they?

    The “widow” Corinthos may have started out wanting to marry Jason primarily to present a united front to the Five Families — aka their rival mobsters — but something happened along the way. She fell in love for real with her BFF.

    General Hospital Carly Jason Wedding

    (ABC/Eric McCandless)

    And Jason, a man of few words who recently ended his budding (not to mention smokin’ hot) romance with Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud), also appeared to be a happy groom, very much in love with his bride in yesterday’s episode.

    But we now know that Sonny (Maurice Benard), Carly’s legal husband, has gotten his memory back — or at the very least, he knows who Carly is. Assuming he survives the fire at the Tan-O that was set by the diabolical Peter August (Wes Ramsey), might Sonny have time to hightail it from Nixon Falls to Port Charles to keep his wife from committing bigamy?

    (ABC/Eric McCandless)

    One thing we do know is that Carly and Jason are being supported by many of their loved ones. In attendance for the wedding are Carly’s mother Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) and her daughter Josslyn (Eden McCoy) along with Jason’s pal Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and his and Carly’s attorney Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy). Check out the exclusive photos to see these folks at their elegant best. (Nice bowtie, Spinelli!)

    (ABC/Eric McCandless)

    Sonny getting to the church on time isn’t the only lingering question on the minds of GH fans. What else might go wrong at the ceremony? Will Jason and Carly actually exchange final vows? Will the Five Families use the wedding or reception as an opportunity to show the bride and groom who’s truly in charge? Knowing GH’s penchant for delivering surprises and twists, anything’s possible! Don’t miss today’s episode, and next week’s fallout, to find out!

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