Mezco Unleashes Ultimate Godzilla Figure That Stretches 3-Feet from ‘Teeth to Tail’

    Godzilla may be the King of the Monsters in the latest iteration of cinema’s MonsterVerse, but now he is also king of the toys as well thanks to a new release by Mezco Toyz, who have just opened pre-orders on their new 3 feet long version of the Japenese behemoth. Standing over 18 inches tall, this is one of the biggest and most impressive Godzilla toys ever released and as you would expect it comes with an equally impressive price tag of $450. If you are looking for the Godfather of all Godzilla toys then this guy certainly packs the punch of a nuclear blast.

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    It is not often than a toy comes with a warning that it should not be put on display more than three feet off the ground, but this hefty brute comes with the manufacturers suggestion that it should be only displayed on lower levels. I mean you wouldn’t want to be the first real person to be crushed by Godzilla would you? Based on a more classic Godzilla than the recent iteration, who was last seen knocking seven bells out of Kong in Godzilla Vs Kong, this toy will stand head and shoulders above any regular collection of action figures – as only right – but you may have to clear a few of them out to make room for the king.

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    Measuring 33″ from nose to tail, this mammoth Godzilla has 10 points of articulation including arms, torso, legs, neck and jaw movements, that allow a decent amount of posing for both display and toy photography enthusiasts. For the latter, the size of this guy will allow some stunning shots without the need for excessive digital manipulation to get a sense of scale. Mouth and fins on Godzilla both light up electric blue via a well-disguised button found on the back of the neck, and he also features a movie-replicated roar.

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    If you are one of those people who like to keep their collections in their boxes, then this guy comes in a collector friendly box with a window display, but again you are going to need to clear some substantial space on your lower decks to accommodate him. Like all toys of this nature, he is a collectors piece and not the kind of thing that you would want your youngest to get hold of – if they could even manage to lift him, so is recommended for 15 years and over and is not built for the kind of rough play that cheaper action figures tend to go through.

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    The figure is available for pre-order direct from Mezco’s website, or will be coming to international stores for pre-order soon. The current expected arrival date of the product itself is between August and October 2022, so with a deposit paid, it gives plenty of time to save up to clear the balance next year. If you’re allegiances lie more with the modern Godzilla, you will be able to find him available now on Blu-ray and digital on-demand in Godzilla vs Kong.

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