Winona Ryder & Dermot Mulroney Join Forces for Mystery Thriller The Cow

    Winona Ryder will have the lead role in the upcoming mystery thriller The Cow&. &She is starring alongside Dermot Mulroney, John Gallagher Jr., Owen Teague, and Brianne Tju. The title is the big screen directing debut for Eli Horowitz. He is best known for co-creating the Amazon Prime anthology series &Homecoming&. &The plot is unknown at the time of this writing. Details on the exact story will likely be announced some time within the next year or two. The genre is at least known to be a mystery thriller. Horowitz is working on the script with Matthew Derby. Production for the feature recently ended. &

    CAA Media Finance is repping the project’s U.S. sales. Producing duties are being undertaken by Raphael Margules and JD Lifshitz of BoulderLight Pictures, Shaun Sanghani of SSS Entertainment, and Russ Posternak of Post Film. Anthony Eu of the Singapore based mm2 Asia is the executive producer, and Tracy Rosenblum of BoulderLight Pictures is the co-producer. &

    &The Cow &is the newest collaboration between &BoulderLight Pictures and mm2. They previously worked on the TIFF horror movie &The Vigil&, which was inspired by a Jewish funeral tradition, and 2021’s &Sundance drama &Wild Indian&. The latter showcased Michael Greyeyes, Jesse Eisenberg, and Kate Bosworth.BoulderLight also helped create &the hit &Becky&, which starred Kevin James. The actor is typically known for doing comedies, but for that project, he delved into the thriller genre.

    &Eu released a statement that explained, “&The Cow &is a landmark film for mm2 Asia, and we are thrilled that we get to do it with this cast. We could not ask for a better lineup. BoulderLight Pictures have been amazing partners and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.” Su is clearly enthusiastic about the partnership between the two companies. This bodes well as behind the scenes drama can be the detriment of many titles. The fact that a producer seems happy implies a lack of tension between coworkers.

    Eli Horowitz, who used to be the managing editor and publisher of &McSweeney’s,&&is also the co-creator of the &Homecoming& podcast and tv show. While he may not have experience on the big screen, he does have knowledge of what it is like to work with the small screen. The first season of the anthology series starred Julia Roberts, with the second season featuring &Janelle Monae. &

    Winona Ryderhas decades of experience working in the entertainment industry. As a child star, she was in the 1988 classic &Heathers&. Her first on screen appearance was in the 1986 teen comedy drama &Lucas&, where she starred alongside fellow child actor Cory Haim. Younger fans probably know her from the Netflix show &Stranger Things&. &Critics and audiences alike have praised her performance on the streaming hit. She is coming back to the role of Joyce Byers on the popular series in season 4, set to come out at some point next year. Ryder is represented by Gersh and Anonymous Content. &

    Dermot Mulroney is represented by Paradigm and Luber Roklin, John Gallagher Jr. by Gersh and Range Media Partners, Teague by CAA, and Tju by Innovative Artists and Curtis Talent Management. Horowitz is alongside CAA and Anonymous Content. This story comes from Deadline.

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