Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV’s Hottest Couples: ‘Outlander,’ ‘A Discovery of Witches’ & More

    Robbie Amell and Andy Allo

    Match Points In a to-die-for romance, he’s a deceased—then uploaded—computer programmer; she’s the guardian angel (literally) who helps him navigate a digital afterlife.

    Words of Love

    Nora: “I love you, Nathan. Can you handle me saying that? Nathan?”

    Nathan: [Freezes, having run out of data]

    Toughest Hurdle Usually, “she’s alive, he’s not” would be a dead end for romance. But in this case, we’re not even worried about her still-living love interest or his ex-
    girlfriend uploading herself to be with him.

    Why We Love Them If Nathan giving Nora stars to increase her customer service rating isn’t love, we don’t know what is. And seriously, even in death, he’s changed for the better—all because of her. Who says you have to be on the same plane of existence to form a meaningful connection? Prime Video

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