Is It Really The Lost Boys Without Corey Feldman?

    If The Lost Boys is getting remade, it needs to bring back Corey Feldman. Just recently, word broke that a reboot of the iconic vampire movie is now in development at Warner Bros. The new movie has been described as a modern take on the original story, suggesting that it will be a complete reboot with all-new actors reimagining the classic characters. Jaeden Martell and Noah Jupe have been announced as cast members, possibly to play the new Frog Brothers if not Michael and Sam Emerson.

    Be that as it may, something will still feel like it’s missing if Corey Feldman is not present in the reboot. As fans of the original will know, Feldman debuted in the series in 1987’s The Lost Boys as Edgar Frog, brother to Jamison Newlander’s Alan Frog. As the Frog Brothers, the iconic pair have come to be recognized as among the most badass vampire slayers of all time.

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    More than 20 years after the release of The Lost Boys, Corey Feldman would once again don the red headband as Edgar Frog. He appeared in the 2008 sequel Lost Boys: The Tribe to reprise the role, and was featured prominently in the movie. Corey Haim also returned as Sam Emerson in a mid-credit scene, marking one of the final reunions of the Two Coreys.

    In 2010, Feldman reprised the role of Edgar Frog once more for the third and final installment of the movie trilogy, Lost Boys: The Thirst. Jamison Newlander is also brought in as Alan for one more vampire slaying adventure as the Frog Brothers. Collectively, Feldman’s character plays the biggest role in the franchise, as such an important part of the original and a star of the two sequels.

    The two actors have since revisited the Frog Brothers for a special video on YouTube. Corey Feldman has also said he’d be open to doing a Frog Brothers TV series spinoff that Newlander has been wanting to make, although it doesn’t seem that project is making any traction. For the past several years, there had been plans at The CW to turn The Lost Boys into a television series, which would have gender-swapped the Frog Brothers as the Frog Sisters. While a pilot had been filmed, that series ultimately never moved forward either.

    Now, what we know is that Warner Bros. will reboot the franchise entirely with this all-new The Lost Boys Remake. If a new movie needs to be made, perhaps it is best to start fresh, hopefully with the idea of introducing a new generation of fans to the franchise. Going this route would obviously mean that none of the same actors will be returning, at least not as the same characters. It might be entertaining if Edgar Frog were reimagined as a 50-year-old with Feldman back in the role, but I wouldn’t bet on that happening.

    This doesn’t mean there’s no place for Feldman in The Lost Boys reboot. Previously, the actor exclusively told us that he was considering retirement, as he’s no longer interested in actively campaigning for movie roles. Even so, he would be open to the right role, mentioning that he’d return for sequels to past movies he’s done like Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter and The Goonies. It stands to reason he’d be up for a potential cameo in The Lost Boys as well as a nod to the original movies.

    He doesn’t have to play Edgar Frog, If we’re in a different continuity, then perhaps some of the original stars could have guest roles. You can give me Corey Feldman as a hot dog vendor on the Santa Carla Beach Boardwalk, if nothing else. It just wouldn’t feel like The Lost Boys without him.

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