‘The Voice’ Sneak Peek: Gymani’s Blind Audition Makes Ariana’s Jaw Drop (VIDEO)

    In case you missed it, NBC’s The Voice is back and Season 21 is shaping up to be one of its best yet with the addition of new coach Ariana Grande.

    As we head into Part 2 of the Blind Auditions, we’re giving viewers an exclusive sneak peek at one talented performer who is making a mark on the competition with her debut. Gymani is one of The Voice‘s bold hopefuls who is tackling none other than coach Ariana’s own song, “pov” for her Blind Audition.

    In the clip, above, the reaction to Gymani’s stellar vocals takes only seconds as Blake Shelton and Ariana are quick to hit their buttons for a chance to recruit her for their teams. Not far behind is John Legend who also hits his button just as Ariana’s jaw drops from sheer amazement over Gymani’s stage presence and voice.

    The Voice Season 21 Ariana Grande

    (Credit: NBC)

    Eventually, Kelly Clarkson also hits her button giving this talented performer a 4-chair turn for her performance. Overwhelmed by the response, Gymani looks up and gives thanks for the experience just as Ariana says, “that’s your song now, take it.”

    When the coaches ask Gymani about herself, the mother of two reveals that she’s just 23 and hails from East Point, Georgia. Based on Ariana’s reaction, Gymani could do anything and she’d be impressed as the coach teased her awe over the performer by saying, “I don’t remember where I am or what’s happening.”

    “I am honored that you sang my song and I would be so honored to have you on my team,” Ariana added. As it came time for the coaches to impress Gymani for a chance to recruit her for their teams, Kelly said, “your voice is why this show exists.”

    With compliments like these, it’s tough to guess who Gymani will choose as her coach. Check out the clip, above, for a peek at her showstopping Blind Audition, and don’t miss which team she joins when Part 2 of Season 21’s premiere airs on September 21 on NBC.

    The Voice, Season 21, “The Blind Auditions Premiere, Part 2,” Tuesday, September 21, 8/7c, NBC

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