‘The Resident’: Meet Billie’s Son Who Will Cause Her ‘All Kinds of Problems’ (PHOTOS)

    The staff at Chastain is going to be trying to save one of its own, while another of the doctors comes face-to-face with someone from her past she’s been trying to avoid in the second episode of The Resident Season 5, “No Good Deed.”

    First, as the promo (below) reveals, they will find Dr. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal), last seen unconscious in a supply room at the end of the premiere. “Episode 2 is all about figuring out how to cure him and what happened to him [and] will deepen the relationship he has with Leela [Anuja Joshi],” executive producer Andrew Chapman told TV Insider.

    Meanwhile, Fox teases, “Billie [Jessica Lucas] is faced with a personal conflict when she comes face-to-face with the secret she has been hiding all these years.” As we learned lasts season, Billie was raped when she was 13 and gave up the son she had as a result for adoption. He showed up at her door in the finale despite her attempts to keep him out of her life. It’s in “No Good Deed” that we’ll (finally) meet him, with Miles Fowler coming in as Trevor.

    “The son thing will be really fun, really interesting,” Chapman says. “Miles Fowler is spectacular. We expect him to really pop. We had to fight other shows to get him. Trevor is this really brilliant, slightly subversive poke the bear kind of guy who will cause all kinds of problems for Billie. You’ll see that play out in Episodes 2 and 4.

    “Billie mostly will keep it to herself. She will really fight hard to be private about it, and that is her struggle. You’ll see her reach out to Nic [Emily VanCamp], you’ll see her reach out to AJ [Malcolm-Jamal Warner], but only in small ways. Mostly her evolution will be with Trevor and in a way that she has to wrestle with it internally.”

    Plus, expect to see Bell (Bruce Greenwood) help Kit (Jane Leeves) figure out who’s going to become the team’s new neurosurgeon (with Morris Chestnut’s Cain now at Johns Hopkins). And hey, if that leads to another dinner invite that she now accepts, we definitely won’t complain.

    Scroll down to take a look at the photos from “No Good Deed.”

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