Unearthed GoldenEye Promo Has Young Idris Elba Praising Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond

    Back in the decrepit olden days, commercials for new film releases included the prerequisite clip of real people leaving the theater and giving their own reviews. Watch a younger Idris Elba leaving the theater with a pal; he gives his opinion on the new James Bond of the time, Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye.

    Yep, that’s our Luther, giving us his opinion on Pierce Brosnan as the new James Bond saying, “He’s really good, he’s got all the charm, he’s got all the looks, you know what I mean. And he’s fit, he’s strong and blah blah blah. He’s all right, he’s all right.”

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    The (fingers-crossed!) potential new James Bond talking about the (new at the time) 1995 James Bond, which happens to be Pierce Brosnan, who was just quoted, speaking of the next James Bond saying, “Idris Elba comes to mind,” and “Idris is such a powerful presence and such a great former voice tensity. He would be magnificent,” is the reason we all felt earth wibble a little over the weekend. That was one sentence. People had reactions. Plenty of exclamation points were used.

    Ok, if you are one that subscribes to ‘the universe speaks to us,’ philosophy, keep this clip handy for the non-believers. It’s a clincher. For me, when one of these videos resurface, I always think of the person cruising through old VHS tapes that they have watched a million times in their youth and then have an existential realization. They watch an old episode of Moonlighting, and realize THAT’S why I can’t stand Dana Delany. She broke up David and Maddie! Or when Elaine on Seinfeld inexplicably fell head over heels for a man, who turns out to have been The The Wiz on the old mattress commercials.

    [embedded content]

    Idris Elba is, undoubtedly, amazingly talented, extensively easy on the eyes, and oozes cool. Of course he could be an outstanding James Bond! And he could be The Wiz! He was in the ether talking about Bond 26 years ago! The UK’s collective minds were primed for 00Elba!

    However, if you keep your ears open for such news, you’ll know that he is waving off the rumors. Just recently he spoke of the role. “I know the rumors about Bond have always chased me. Listen, my mom, my poor mom, she’s like, ‘One day you’re going to get it! Don’t mind ’em. Don’t mind ’em.’ I’m like, ‘Mom, it’s alright. I’m good. I’ve got Luther.’ But I’m definitely doing that Luther movie.”

    He toldja!

    So, if you have been sleeping on Luther, gobble up those 5 seasons! You won’t be disappointed. It’s about DCI John Luther, a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can’t always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions. Then you’ll be ready for the feature coming to you from Netflix.

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