Horror Vans Are Here to Bring Some Scares to Your Shoe Collection This October

    Vans will be giving horror fans some awesome new shoes in October as part of the company’s Vans x Horror collection. Four big horror titles inspire new shoes in varying styles, including the two Stephen King favorites It and The Shining. Also part of the collection are new shoes designs based on A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. Vans revealed a first look at the shoes in a video posted to Twitter, and you can take a look at it below.

    The first shoes revealed in the line are inspired by Stephen King’s It. The low-top shoes include a black-and-white checkerboard design adorned with floating red balloons. The message “you’ll float too” can be seen on the side of the shoe. You can almost imagine Pennywise the Dancing Clown peeking out from inside the shoe. Based on the 1986 novel by king, It was adapted as a miniseries by ABC in 1990. It was rebooted for the big screen as a movie in 2017 followed by the sequel It: Chapter Two in 2019.

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    We also get a peek at A Nightmare on Elm Street Vans with a high-top laced design. Freddy Krueger’s iconic sweater is represented with the shoes boasting red stripes against shades of black and gray. It wouldn’t be complete if they weren’t speckled with blood, so as you’d expect, they are. A Nightmare on Elm Street was rebooted in 2010, though most fans prefer the original movie series launched by Wes Craven in 1984.

    Shoes inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining feature a high-top laced design. It includes the original black-and-yellow artwork from one of the original posters, including the title of the movie with a ghoulish face imprinted in the words. The phrase “REDRUM REDRUM” is repeated on the sides, a reference to the movie. Stanley Kubrick directed the famous movie version in 1980 which was followed by an ABC miniseries adaptation in 1997.

    Also included in the Vans x Horror collection are Friday the 13th shoes with a low-top slip-on design. One shoe in the pair brandishes the familiar Friday the 13th movie logo, while the other includes Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask. They’re black, white, and red in color, speckled with white and red spots. There have been twelve Friday the 13th movies made over the years, culminating with 2009’s reboot.

    The Friday the 13th series is particularly missed by horror fans. Due to an ongoing legal battle that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, no new movies are going to be developed by a Hollywood studio anytime soon. There have been fan films developed to keep the spirit of Jason Voorhees alive until he can be resurrected on the big screen. The latest one of these fan films, Jason Rising, brings back original star Adrienne King to reprise her role as final girl Alice Hardy.

    The Vans x Horror collection will launch in October. If you can’t pick just one pair to wear, you might have to end up getting all four if the expenses will allow it. We expect more information to be revealed about the new horror shoe line soon.

    Vans Launching a Collection of Shoes Inspired By Horror Films Including ‘Elm Street’ and ‘Friday the 13th’!

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