Michael C. Hall Reflects on Becoming ‘Dexter’ Again for ‘New Blood’ (VIDEO)

    Revisiting one of the biggest roles of your career after nearly 10 years could be overwhelming. But how does Michael C. Hall feel about returning to the iconic role of beloved serial killer for Showtime’s Dexter: New Blood? He does a pretty good job of explaining in TV Insider’s exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette, seen above.

    The series is returning to the cabler on Sunday, November 7, when we pick up with the very much alive Dexter Morgan (who faked his death in a hurricane in the original series’ finale in 2013). Now, we find him going by the name Jim Lindsay (a tribute to novelist Jeff Lindsay, who wrote the Dexter books upon which the series is based) and living a seemingly normal, low key life in the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York.

    While working at a bait-and-tackle shop in the small town, Dexter has become adept at quieting any of his “dark passenger” instincts that previously led him to kill. Of course, all that changes quickly into the continuation of the series, which brings back some more familiar faces — Jennifer Carpenter returns as Dexter’s deceased sister, Deb, as does John Lithgow as the (also deceased) Trinity Killer. The new series also introduces some new characters, like Jack Alcott, who plays Dexter’s teen son, Harrison.

    In the video, which sees Golden Globe winner Hall waxing eloquently about returning to the role, the actor reveals it was pretty easy to find Dexter again after all of this time. “It’s like discovering this person that you thought you put away, he’s been there all along,” he says. “You just turn the cameras back on.”

    He also discusses how early in the series’ original run, he thought Dexter’s “cultivated affability was sort of a key to him. Just how pleasant and neighborly he presents himself to be. But he’s someone who has a really formidable dark side. It was really pretty easy to give over to that.”

    Watch the full exclusive video above.

    Dexter: New Blood, Series Premiere, Sunday, November 7, 9/8c, Showtime

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