The Munsters Mockingbird Lane Lives Again Thanks to Rob Zombie

    Rob Zombie and his construction crew are moving at lightning speed creating everyone’s favorite spooky stomping grounds for his passion project, The Munsters Movie. The whole neighborhood, including the iconic Munster mansion looks nearly ready for Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Marilyn and Eddie to move in and start scaring the neighbors. The project Zombie has “been chasing for 20 years!” is becoming a reality. He’s, thankfully, keeping us Insta updated!

    It’s captioned with, “It’s a beautiful day in Budapest and good old Mockingbird Lane is coming along perfectly. Who wouldn’t want to live here? &☠&️????#robzombie #themunsters#1313mockingbirdlane#budapesthungary.”

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    Rob Zombie is so right! Who wouldn’t want to live there? I see some definite museum/Airbnb potential. Let’s see what the fans had to say. “I would love to live in the neighborhood with The Munsters they would be my best friends.” Another person says, “Yes! Especially if the Addams could also be apart of the neighborhood! Best community EVER ????” And the love continues with one fan stating, “AHHHH THIS IS SO SICK!!!” Another exclaims, “How the HELL do you get 6 houses built in less than 40 days?? I can’t get contractors to get 1 house done in a year!!!!????????&‍&♂&️????” Well, there might be an answer to that we’re not allowed to share at the moment. Another fan offers this. “I seriously cannot wait to see what you create! I have a feeling this is going to be something really special and surprising!”

    I usually give out imaginary blue ribbons for the best comment, but for this?! I’ll be sending out that blood-red ribbon for best comment to vintagespookycompany: “That’s amazing! Zombie Construction Corp. – ‘Making nightmares come true’.”

    He truly is! The Munsters series is a beloved classic, and there isn’t anyone out there we could trust more to elevate our after school TV freaky family. A long time fan of the show mixed with his creepy credentials? It has all the makings for a terrifying triumph. His enthusiasm is palpable and contagious. Just a couple of weeks ago, when he shared the progress, there was a mere skeleton of the bewitching abode. I have never been more excited to see a subdivision being built. But we all know it isn’t just any old neighborhood. Look at the comparison!

    Fans are watching Rob Zombie and crew build his dream, and with every update the excitement builds (no pun intended) for cast details, will they drive the same amazing automobiles, plot lines, teasers, trailers, release date! Comedy or creepy or a mix or both? Just because he’s gone through the trouble to make an exact replica, doesn’t mean Rob Zombie doesn’t have a few tricks up his sleeve for us. We’re already in suspense!

    For those who aren’t familiar with The Munsters (For shame!), here’s the opening and closing credits where they are all introduced, and you can compare mansion schematics with the Zombie Budapest version. Spot on, I can already tell you. Dig that drippy font and that 60s surf jam!

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